Legislative tinkering begins against initiative petition rights

Taxpayer Association of Oregon Alert.

SJR 11 has gathered a lot of attention lately because it basically tries to give lawmakers more power to constrict citizen petition efforts. Under SJR 11, the Legislature can better inject their own competing measures if a citizen petition has qualified for the ballot. We will have a more detailed analysis soon.

Meanwhile Senate Rules is taking up on Thursday three bills dealing with the initiative process.

SB 330 –Requires Secretary of State to include certain information in voters’ pamphlet.
SB 331 — Prohibits person from serving as chief petitioner of initiative, referendum or recall petition if person has outstanding obligation to pay civil penalty for violation of election law or rule.
SB 337 — Directs Supreme Court to rule on ballot title petition not later than 45 days after oral argument or 45 days after all memoranda have been filed in response to petition, whichever is later.