Karl Rove Weekly Quote: Obama’s White House picks

Karl Rove wrote in the Wall Street Journal that Obama is doing what no president has done before, he is booting out budget and analysis staff from the space inhibited White House to make room for more political/policy people, and also creating many new “czars” that overlap with other cabinet members — creating a big conflict. Karl Rove states:

“As president he is the first occupant of the Oval Office to give his director of political affairs — who coordinates the president’s involvement with his party and other campaign related activities — an office in the West Wing….
Under Mr. Obama, the political director won’t be in the EEOB, where other presidents have placed him. He’ll occupy a West Wing office usually given to the head of presidential personnel. That’s a sign of the importance of politics for Team Obama. This is one of many of Mr. Obama’s changes to the management structure of the White House that will likely undermine his stated aims and create a more centralized and possibly incoherent policy process. Another first to have a West Wing office is the incoming secretary of Health and Human Services, Tom Daschle….”

“His appointment of czars to oversee technology, automotive and environmental policies underscores this belief because each new czar weakens cabinet and agency involvement in policy decisions. The White House has always had overlapping lines of authority, which creates a certain amount of conflict while everyone figures out who really has clout. But Mr. Obama has added to the confusion by making declarations that multiple people in his cabinet or on his staff have more authority and responsibility than their predecessors. In addition to creating a protracted power struggle within the West Wing, Mr. Obama’s management decisions may lead to more intrusive, larger government policies gaining traction. Why? Because left-leaning aides will be unimpeded by the White House’s budget director or cabinet secretaries as they push new policies. It is rumored that as many as 160 people will be in the West Wing under Mr. Obama. Under President George W. Bush there were about 60…”

— Want the whole story? Check out the Wall Street Journal

  • Bob Clark

    Have folks noticed what’s happening to gold and silver prices even as inflation has disappeared in much of the economy these past few months? Normally, when inflation is in steep decline gold and silver also track sharply lower. But they are holding their own now.

    One reason is probably because the rest of the world is flush with dollars, and is seeking to diversify away from this main world currency (the Euro’s got problems, too). But Obama’s policies represent a second good reason to seek refuge in hard assets, because they are largely stagflationary. Subidizing green energy means in many instances paying twice or more for what conventional energy goes for and this is likely to place a substantial drag on the U.S economy. Moreover, getting tough on carbon dioxide will also limit industry and the ability to expand production. Expanding free healthcare insurance for the unemployed is also inflationary or stifling as it will boost the demand for non-essiential healthcare and at the same time slow the return of the unemployed to the active labor pool (there are significant numbers of folks who wouldn’t work if it weren’t for their need to generate funds for healthcare insurance). Encouraging more unionization will also contract the labor supply, and stifle economic activity either because of higher wage inflation or lack of labor.

    The real solution to our current economic meltdown is to boost supply especially in hard tradeable assets. Increase U.S gold supply, oil and natural gas supply, and agricultural exports, and allow for royalty taxes. Cycle the resulting extra federal dollars into expanding the supply of doctors, nurses, and health technology so as to offset some of the medicare cost pressures about to come due from the baby boomers retiring.

    In a lot of ways, the “green” fad has blossomed with the easy money available to the U.S the past several decades, and now being “green” needs to be balanced against the need to be more materially productive in this new age of harder money. The sooner we all get to this realization, the faster we can get a degree of economic normalcy. Obama’s policies aren’t helping much at all in this regard. He’s really the dealer offering more of the same “easy money, empty calorie” medicine.

  • David Appell

    I’m trying to understand why Karl Rove has any relevance anymore. He and his party where just trounced by historical proportions, and his man (GWB) left office with a favorability ratio about as low as is theoretically possible.

    In other words, Americans couldn’t have rejected more the Bush 2 administration. So why is its chief architect still respected?

    A: He’s not, except by a few editors at the WSJ. Can we please move on and throw this moron into the trash where he belongs?