Disappointing election results

by NW Spotlight

For Republicans in Oregon, it’s a little tough to find good news in tonight’s election results. Mitt Romney has lost the presidential election, all four Republican candidates for statewide races are losing, Republicans didn’t pick up any congressional seats in Oregon, Republicans didn’t pick up any seats in the state senate and so will still be in the 14-16 minority, and Republicans are losing four seats in the state house which will end the 30-30 split and return Republicans to the minority in the house as well.

Starting tomorrow, there is a lot of work to be done.

Bright spots? Rep. Greg Walden won re-election. Republicans will retain control of the U.S. House. All the incumbent Republican state senate seats won re-election. 26 Republican state representatives won their elections.

Another, big bright spot? Republicans fielded great candidates for many, many races, and they worked hard, never stopped and ran outstanding campaigns. The tide is just against us this year. There was also a core group of very dedicated campaign staff and volunteers who gave it their all – who left nothing on the field. All of that hard work and all of that organization and dedication is not lost – it’s building for the future. A future that’s just further out than we had hoped.

Please take time in the coming days to recognize and thank all of the dedicated men and women who put aside their personal lives, families and careers and stepped into the ring to try to make Oregon a better place. Thank their families and friends, their campaign staff and their dedicated volunteers. We are grateful to all of them.

To check specific race results:

Oregonian Election Results

KGW Election Results

Oregon Sec of State Election Results

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  • scatcatpdx

    I heat broken at the results in Oregon. Finally I had reach my breaking point. I blame Lars Lason and the conservative movement moving for a limited Government to big government populism.. I grew tired busting my but for a Gop Republican to see him or her shot down by a conservative throwing a vote away because candidate is not conservative enough.

    I am done with the GOP with your anti immigrant rants and big government on cultural issues. You got the Government you richly deserve. I divorce thee . I divorce thee I divorce thee. I just changed my voters registration to
    refusenik, inspired by the Jewish movement that stood up again a corrupt Soviet Communist System. Oh I wish the Libertarian Party get of there dope isolationist rut; I would have registered as a Libertarian.
    Richard Brown Former Precinct Person and now former Republican

  • Benjamin Constant

    The tide was very much not against us this year. We had a great Senate field, defending 2006’s dreadful results, and we were fighting against a President leading us off a fiscal and economic cliff, with no achievements to his name except a dubious healthcare plan. And how did we do?

    We somehow managed to LOSE Senate seats, where we should have taken the Senate, because of bad primaries and a certain pair of dumbos who shot their mouths off. We lost the Presidential election, but that wasn’t too surprising considering the candidate. And we let the liberal media frame the race as some absurd mess of social issues, a farce of a “war on women,” instead of having the sort of economic debate we can win with numbers and logic. We had just the right VP candidate for it too!

    I’ll admit the statewide results were sort of to be expected, but, from the perspective of electoral strategy, this was one of the worst run Republican campaigns in a while.

    I suppose we can look forward to purging the Tea Party that’s been subsumed into that troglodyte pit the social Right. A pity. We could have used the old Tea Party spirit against the Occupy jokers. Ah, well. There’s always 2014. Midterms are always good. And 2016…we might get a decent candidate for once!

  • Bob Clark

    About the only thing positive for fiscal conservative, limited government types is it looks like Ludlow and Smith are going to win Clackamas County Seats; and over in Tillamook County, Baerltean looks to have won a Commissioner seat over Lisa Phipps. Baerltean is a longtime Tillamook resident and Certified Public Accountant while Phipps is a environmental enthusiast in a state which puts an ultra clean environment (cleaner than even naturally occurring) before the economic well being of its citizens. Baerltean definitely has a more balanced approach to the economy and the environment than Phipps.

    As for Clackamas County, Ludlow and Smith need to be very strategic in their thinking. Metro and the state are hostile towards their laissez faire espoused philosophies, and these two powers can make it difficult for the Clackamas economy. Therefore, the new Clackamas board is going to have to build a bridge with Metro and the state so as to let Clackamas’ economy to prosper. It definitely is the wrong path for Ludlow and Smith to tell Metro and the state to take a hike. We do not want Ludlow and Smith to be one termers but want them to successfully implement a new, freer model of economic governance; and this is going to take keen diplomacy on the part of Ludlow, Smith and Savas.

  • DavidAppell

    The “tide” was against you this year, and shows no signs of reversing. Keep denying it, though — that’s a very useful position for progressives.

  • valley person

    The only bright spot for Republicans in Oregon is that we liberals are not as mean and nasty as you all think we are. For the most part, we will leave you alone to grumble about politics while we focus on improving the commonwealth.

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