Disappointing election results

by NW Spotlight

For Republicans in Oregon, it’s a little tough to find good news in tonight’s election results. Mitt Romney has lost the presidential election, all four Republican candidates for statewide races are losing, Republicans didn’t pick up any congressional seats in Oregon, Republicans didn’t pick up any seats in the state senate and so will still be in the 14-16 minority, and Republicans are losing four seats in the state house which will end the 30-30 split and return Republicans to the minority in the house as well.

Starting tomorrow, there is a lot of work to be done.

Bright spots? Rep. Greg Walden won re-election. Republicans will retain control of the U.S. House. All the incumbent Republican state senate seats won re-election. 26 Republican state representatives won their elections.

Another, big bright spot? Republicans fielded great candidates for many, many races, and they worked hard, never stopped and ran outstanding campaigns. The tide is just against us this year. There was also a core group of very dedicated campaign staff and volunteers who gave it their all – who left nothing on the field. All of that hard work and all of that organization and dedication is not lost – it’s building for the future. A future that’s just further out than we had hoped.

Please take time in the coming days to recognize and thank all of the dedicated men and women who put aside their personal lives, families and careers and stepped into the ring to try to make Oregon a better place. Thank their families and friends, their campaign staff and their dedicated volunteers. We are grateful to all of them.

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