Footnote on the GOP Legislature election success


The big statewide and congressional defeats tended to overshadow the strong success by Republicans in the State Legislature. As many as four (or more) incumbent Democrat lawmakers may end up losing their seats by final count and no incumbent Republican lost their Legislative seat. This is not an accident nor just the national mood and you do not win easily when you are outspent 3 to 1 in many cases. Rather it is a result of strong game plan and aggressive strategy by House and Senate leaders Senator Ted Ferrioli and Rep. Bruce Hanna. Behind those leaders are a team of staff who helped make it happen. In the Senate Leadership campaign was Jonathan Thompson, Michael Gay, Tim Trickey and Matt Lawrence. In the House GOP campaign team was Angela Wilhelms, Nick Smith, Chase Tedrow, Leyla Estes and Rebecca Tweed. Compared to previous elections there was a recognizable difference in the quality of candidates, execution of their campaigns, coordination among partner organizations and several new campaign techniques used (that cannot be revealed due to their secrecy). This article is posted to give credit where credit is due. Excellent work that Oregonians can be proud of.