Portland says Merry Xmas to seniors, jobless with brand new phone tax!

Help Taxpayer Association stop the new $5 million Portland phone tax on seniors & low income people.

Portland City Hall is voting $5 million landline phone tax which hits seniors and those lower income families (who cannot afford cell-phones for their entire family).  The tax  also hits the unemployed  who have no actual rising income to pay for it.    Already many Portland taxpayers will see their tax bill rise $800.00 due to 2012 tax changes.

The Oregonian Editorial Board has opposed the phone tax, arguing “How can Mayor Adams and his colleagues congratulate themselves for boosting taxes on elderly people” (while others get to avoid the tax)

Your phone taxes are going up to pay for a City bailout of a lawsuit the they lost which has nothing to do with your telephone.   This $5 million phone tax has nothing to do with phones but is a shameless money grab by Portland politicians.

The vote may occur Wednesday November 28th – ACT NOW!!!

Contact these City Commissioners.  Tell them to stop the tax!

Amanda Fritz, Portland Commissioner
Email: Amanda@portlandoregon.gov
(503) 823-3008

 Nick Fish, Portland Commissioner
(503) 823-3589
Email: nick@portlandoregon.gov

Dan Saltzman, Portland Commissioner
(503) 823-4151
Email: dan@portlandoregon.gov

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Go here if you wish to stop future Portland taxes.

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    What lawsuit was lost?

  • Throw all the bums out

    “Portland, the City That Works” taxpayers over like the ILWU does on it’s dockets.

  • The Bill Post Radio Show

    What’s “Xmas”? Is that some sort of Bahai’ holiday?

    • 3H

      It’s a made up word to replace Saturnalia.

  • Bob Clark

    During the last election campaign, I asked incoming Mayor Hales if the City’s take from the local economy shouldn’t have a percentage target level. He scoffed in response, saying there is no need for such targeting as the City’s funding mechanisms naturally link it to the underlying local economy. But this new phone tax, Arts tax, parking fee increases, water bill increases, etc speak otherwise. When city hall over borrows and spends every other penny (echoed in the last two City auditor reports) and then asks for more from stagnate incomes, I hardly think Hales knows what he’s talking about.

    Even Kitzhaber is trying to find ways to control PERS costs rather than continue freely feeding it, but the City of Portland bends over backwards to help feed it as it gave the School District $7 million bucks this year; at the same time, the last School District labor contract allowed for COLAs, Step increases, and benefit increases from 50% of base salary up to 55%. The government employee unions need to be put on a long term diet as government compensation costs have out paced private sector compensation levels on average over the past decade of sub par economic growth.

    But maybe we need not worry as Portland has a new Office of Equity with six figured bureaucrats. Ha, Ha, Ha. It should actually be given the laymen label of Office of media spin.

  • Oregon Engineer

    Gotta Love it. Portland continuts to Progress Forward. Good for them. Lets all take a lesson and not continue to progress. Last one out of Portland turn out the lights.

  • Mike

    Who needs a phone?

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