Lars Larson: Cell phone taxes may be next

I know they try to tax everything that moves and everything that doesn’t move too. Now they’re talking about cell phones. Do you know why? Because, with a country with just over 300 million people there are 292 million cell phone users in the United States.

A new study says the states are looking at putting more taxes on cell phones. The sales tax where I live is about 7-8%. If I look at the taxes paid on my cell phone it’s  much higher than that.

Nebraska is worst in the country for cell phone users with the highest cell phone taxes. The combined federal, state, and local in Nebraska is just shy of 24%.

You want to know what they are going to tax next. Hold on to that phone.

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  • Poorman

    Finally, a tax that hits the poor as much as it hits the rich. These are the kind of taxes we need, where everyone pays. Unless they propose not taxing the poor who have cell phones. Otherwise, this is great. How many food stampers do you see talking on their cell phones? A lot I suspect, so let the poor finally pay into government instead of always taking from.
    This could work.

  • The City of Keizer recently passed a cell phone/wireless tax. Volunteers from the Americans for Prosperity Chapter in Marion County recently teamed with a paid signature gathering effort to collect almost 4,000 signatures to refer the new tax to the ballot – twice as many signatures as necessary. The City Council then went back into session and repealed the tax. This issue really fires people up and AFP Chapters across the state are watching their local governments closely and are ready to stop new cell phone taxes.

  • Bob Clark

    TAO, Jason, me and others fought Randy Leonard and cityhall over a new city cellphone tax back in the mid-00s, and we were able to help turn it back. But like Portland cityhall’s Convention Hotel wet dream, this tax proposal probably makes a come back like the proverbial bad penny. Here’s a possible dream for us limited government folks: putting a cap on government revenue aggregated across all levels of government at a fixed percentage of gross domestic product. Government revenue could be no more than say 30% of all value added production, to be proportionately allocated among federal, state and local governments. If revenue comes in over the fixed percent, the overage is refunded. One of the advantages of this funding scheme is it would allow government the ability to tax anywhich way it wants (with some restrictions such that taxation must be broad based and not restricted to one particular group) but it simultaneously limits government to what the economy can afford. Another key advantage it more fully places government on the side of growing the economy, as government can’t spend more if the economy isn’t also growing.

    Well it’s one my own pipedream anyways. I think it might actually be a little more understandable than the population growth plus inflation government spending limits considered over the years.

  • Brodhead

    From the desk of:

    Brodhead for Congress
    P.O. Box 2725
    Hillsboro, Oregon

    To: The Oregonian

    Americans have become all too familiar with media manipulation by politicians for the strict purpose of harvesting “No crisis will go to waste.” We heard this statement from a democratic strategist during the presidential elections when our economy started to tank!

    We have also observed the use of “No crisis should go to waste” when Teddy Kennedy was paraded on the senate floor during the health care vote. Then of course, we listened while Obama harvested the tragedy in Tucson for the purpose of casting “Conservatives” as harsh and crazy!

    I suggest strongly that David Wu followed suit and orchestrated this entire “Tiggergate” event for the strict purpose of harvesting “ No crisis should go to waste” and generating a nationally televised “Free Press fund raiser.” Moreover, he wittingly cast “The Oregonian” as heartless, and aligned himself with mainland China for an additional revenue donation stream.

    First he is invited to the White house to meet with Obama, and Hu Jintao the president of mainland China, when previously David Wu was a strict supporter of Taiwan, and constantly berated mainland China for human rights violations. In addition, David Wu has gone so far as to help facilitate Arms sales to Taiwan! So, this event was a complete departure from his previous positions and dedications.

    Next he attacks Rush Limbaugh via the internet for “Making fun of the president of China!”
    Then his devout democratic staffers leak harmless “Tigger pics,” and “ Hear say” on David Wu taking prescription pills!

    The information goes viral, and “low and behold,” David Wu gets an interview on “Good Morning America,” Portland local TV, and coverage from utter hundreds of paper and internet-based newspapers and news organizations, while shunning The Oregonian, and other local paper based news media organizations.

    I urge that this whole affair was a “ Staged political theater” for the direct purpose of harvesting “no crisis should go to waste!” This elaborate scam was simply a fund-raiser that harvested “ Free press” on a massive scale. David Wu’s “Good place now,” is how he has positioned himself with China, Taiwan, and the pity of the Oregon voter. The whole affair was a scam on “Free Press!” This is insulting and an incredible level of political self serving absurdity and non value adding activity.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if David Wu put this much effort into providing solutions to our fiscal predicament instead of his own shallow self serving antics?

    Stephan Brodhead

    • brodhead

      I withdraw this comment…please have it removed

  • Hacked

    get a hacked phone that works on any network for free. No taxes.

  • John in Oregon

    Reagan said it best.

    “The government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

  • David Appell

    How much tax money has been saved, though, by those who do away with their land line and go cell-phone only?

  • Larry Sparks

    This entire proposal is ridicious! Just maybe the legistlature should allow the Democrats to pass every tax increase they propose so all Oregonian undestand how Socialism and Communism works when they can no afford the basics of life and everybody is out of work.

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