Casinos, public employee unions biggest campaign donors

by NW Spotlight

A compilation of campaign contribution data shows that nationally, the top 15 donors are led by casinos (including Indian gaming) and public employee unions (NEA, SEIU, AFSCME).

The National Institute on Money in State Politics and the Center for Responsive Politics collaborated to compile a unique view of the top 10,000 donors to political campaigns at both the state and national level. Their data is from state and federal campaigns, political parties, and ballot measure committees in 2007 and 2008.

  • ardbeg

    2007 stat? Who cares!

  • Britt Storkson

    We have the best politicians money can buy!

  • crabman34

    Break that down, though, and you’ll see the money gets split rather evenly among Democrats and Republicans. I get that the Catalyst wants to paint unions as 100% democratic, but, sorry, it ain’t always so; the NEA gave 30% directly to dems, 5% to repubs, and 60% to ballot initiatives (who knows what those were, though its safe to assume many of them were in the union’s interest, right?). Gambling and casinos also get split relatively evenly down the D/R line. Then we have the SEIU and the National Realtors (SEIU to Dems 45%, Repubs 3%, and Ballots the rest vs. Realtors to the three relatively evenly). Then there a handful of energy or utility companies in that mix which skew Republican.

    The point being that money in politics is poisoning the well for everyone. I know the Catalyst wants to make this article into a damning picture of the corrupt union bosses and Democratic machine, but really it just shows that monied interests everywhere are turning all our politicians into whores.

  • guest

    The Grand Ronde tribe spent enormous advertising bucks to deter the Grange from upsetting their turf. Even gov jobshaper chimed in with their ‘just because’ monoply – an’ sum economic synergy for the local region got ‘harried’ away – perhaps, about as far as La Center, WA where the Cowlitz tribe has designs for a casino resort to rival the most alluring across the country. Hmm, wonder how that’ll be ADministered by Oregon tribal elders and gov Jar-JarOnimo?