Alert! Deadline nears to use your free Political tax Credit!

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC

The Oregon Political Tax Credit is one of the best tools for taxpayers to get involved and make a difference, and yet most are still unfamiliar with the credit.

Oregon allows you to donate to a Political Action Committee (up to $50 person/$100 per couple) and you receive 100% of it back on your tax return. It is almost too good to be true. If you do not use it this year, you will lose it, and the government will spend it for you.

Work for lower taxes…
(*** checks dated & written in 2012 can be credited for 2012 ***)
Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC
PO Box 23573
Portland, OR, 97281

Protect property rights
Donate Here
Oregonians In Action PAC
Post Office Box 230637
Tigard OR 97281

Support your local candidates who will cut your taxes.

Friends of Kim Thatcher (State Rep.)
PO Box 9111
Salem, OR, 97305

— get those checks written and post-marked ASAP.