Knute Buehler: Oregon needs solutions, not political games

Knute Buehler for Secretary of State

Knute Buehler released the following yesterday regarding Kate Brown’s Wednesday statement:

On the day I released significant election reform ideas, Kate Brown resorts to a political gimmick. Perhaps that is what we should expect from a 20-year career politician. She will do anything to distract Oregon voters from her failed leadership. Kate Brown has a 20 year record of taking the biggest checks from biggest special interests and then voting their way. She even once said, “You might want to call them special interests. I think they’re just special.”

She has done nothing on the most important issues facing Oregonians today: creating jobs and improving our economy, aggressively seeking out and stopping government waste, and restructuring the failing Public Employees Retirement System.

I’ve proposed solutions in all of these areas:

Oregonians don’t want political games, they want solutions.