Should unrepentant Piers Morgan be fired, again?

by NW Spotlight

Piers Morgan has been in the spotlight recently for his offensive treatment of CNN guests during discussions on gun control. A petition to have him deported has gained quite a bit of publicity, and yesterday Piers Morgan was threatening to deport himself “if President Obama doesn’t act on guns.”

The petition to deport him, on the White House “We the People” web site, had over 99,000 signatures as of this morning – far exceeding the 25,000 signatures needed by January 20, 2013, to meet the White House threshold before the petition gets reviewed by White House staff, is sent to the appropriate policy experts and gets issued an official response.

Piers Morgan isn’t new to controversy.

Back in 2004, Piers Morgan was fired from his job as editor at the UK Daily Mirror newspaper when it was discovered that photos allegedly showing British soldiers abusing an Iraqi were fake. The BBC reported in 2004 that “it appeared Piers Morgan remained unrepentant right to the end.”

Piers Morgan appears consistent in that – a December 25, 2012, article in The Week concludes “Morgan, for his part, remains unrepentant.”

[h/t PJ Media]

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  • guest

    Nominate Dirty Harry-Wood to assist the bloomin’ blatherskite into an empty pillory chair to face a battery of overripe fruit and vegetable launchers.

    • guest

      Methinks this post ought be reloaded to the top the heap suggesting a fete for the numbskull Morgan, exuding signs of PMS, sass indeed, Piers Mogan, Scathead!

  • 3H

    “The petition to deport him, on the White House “We the People” web site, had over 99,000 signatures as of this morning

    Sad to see 99,000 people who don’t understand the First Amendment.

    • Ken

      See Kleindienst v. Mandel (1972). A 1972 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that the U.S. Attorney General’s refusal to allow a foreign journalist into the United States did not violate the First Amendment

      Piers is nothing more than a foreign journalist that is trying to boost his ratings on a terrible tragedy and is partially responsible for boosting the sale of assault rifles to an unbelievable high.

      • valley person

        He is boosting the sale of assault weapons? How exactly? People who never wanted or needed an assault weapon now go out and buy them because a British journalist no one ever heard of thinks they should be restricted?

        Interesting. Good thing he didn’t say anything about heroin or we would have a bunch of whacked out people with assault weapons. Oh wait….

      • 3H

        I don’t like Piers Morgan. I just don’t think having him deported is the right response. Is that so hard to understand?

      • crabman34

        Haha, you are citing a ridiculous case where the authority to prohibit the journalist came from a red-baiting section of the Immigration act prohibiting communists from coming into the country.

        Don’t think Kleindienst applies here, Morgan’s no commie from what I can tell.

        Also, why is this law still on the books?

  • NAFTA Refugee

    I will now practice my first ammendment rights. Here goes.
    It is time for Piers Morgan to go, along with Diane Feinstein.
    It’s awesome that I have the right to say that.
    It’s awesome that I have the right to defend myself.
    What an awesome country. Despite those who want to corrupt it.

    • 3H

      Yep.. and as you practice your First Amendment Rights you are not immune from criticism. That is the other side of the First Amendment.

  • Ballistic45

    It amazes me how the First Amendment is hidden behind by Liberal Loons when it is one of theirs getting the AXE from Listeners.. As if they don’t have a right to speak their reaction to his bullying of guest.. To bad liberals don’t support ALL the RIGHTS.. Well, only when it suits them I guess.. But one only needs to look at the Liberal College Indoctrination Centers to see where it comes from, where Conservative guest speakers have been shouted down and even physically attacked.. Free speech is only free when it follows the Liberal guidelines… When deception is the norm, the truth becomes radical and forbidden..

    • DavidAppell

      Who are all these liberals you are railing against? Most people have far better things to do than pay attention to Piers Morgan. Why don’t you?

      • Ballistic45

        Like You David… Those who spout about RIGHTS when it suits them, and want to deny them when it doesn’t… Is that plain enough for your Oxygen starved brain…. Get your head out of your posterior, take a DEEP breath of fresh air and things people write might become more clear to you…

        • DavidAppell

          I haven’t said a word for or against Piers Morgan — he’s just typical TV-babble. So who again are all these “Liberals” doing something you don’t like?

          I’m afraid you are way too deep in some kind of echo chamber….

          • Ballistic45

            You are right David, having an intelligent conversation with you is useless… All I hear from you is typical Socialist Babble and diversion tactics.. Bye !!

            PS. to readers, David stands with those who would help change America from the greatest Nation in the world as Obama stated into something else that Obama never outlined. Now David ask the most stupid question, for me to identify this group, like this group does not exist.. I call this question a diversion from the issue…

          • valley person

            We are the greatest nation in the world because we have the capacity to learn and adapt. When 20 defenseless 6 year olds are slaughtered in their school by an angry young man with his mother’s leagally purchased assault weapon, when another angry young man walks into a movie theater and kills a large number, when a clearly crazy young man purchases a weapon and ammunition and then shoots a pro gun rights Congresswoman in the head, and when we have 30,000 people dying from the gun every single year, we ought to learn and adapt.

          • Ballistic45

            You paid NO attention to the founding father quotes regarding the 2nd Amendment… The purpose of the second amendment in their minds was obviously having an armed citizenry on equal with anyone foreign OR Domestic that would infringe on their Liberty.. You keep trying to tie hunting and skeet shooting to the 2nd Amendment, which is a blatant deception of facts… Show me where there were ANY limits on what Kind of Arms we have a right to bear in the 2nd Amendment David… We are also the greatest nation in the world because our government is subject to citizens, not the other way round.. It will remain so as long as citizens have a “Big Stick” to maintain that relationship.. And you keep flipping out “Assault Weapon”.. There is no Assault Weapons now legally sold to citizens without ATF $200 fee and Registration sense 1934.. NO Semi Auto is seen by any Military definition as being an “Assault Rifle”..

            And you have YET to tell me how Government will become POWERFUL enough to absolutely disarm Criminals and Crazies without drastically curbing the rights of Law Abiding Citizens.. Good bye David, have a nice life… Readers by now see how you think and how I think, let it be up to them…

          • DavidAppell

            Our society shouldn’t be held hostage to the opinions of people who lived 230 years ago, who likely could never have imagined the kind of high powered weapons we have today.

            Courts have consistently ruled there are limits to the 1st amendment, even though it says “Congress shall make no law….” The 2nd amendment is no different. Limiting access to military weapons is common sense, part of building a civilized society. Paranoid people should instead get the help they need.

          • Ballistic45

            You are such a Liberal Parrot !! At the time of the writing of the 2nd Amendment, citizens had in their
            possession Arms on equal with any Army in the world… One reason we won our freedom from Britain is that American Militia owned their own RIFLES and fought the British Army armed with smooth bore Muskets…. Rifles accurate for over 100 yards while Muskets were only accurate for a few yards… The term Sniper came from this war where American sharp shooters reached out and took out British Commanders from distances the Musket was useless against… Liberal reasoning is hog wash, History shows that Japan’s Emperor wanted to invade America in force, but was told “it would be foolish to do so as there would be a gun behind every blade of grass..” Founding fathers knew ALL governments including the one they were setting up will eventually become Corrupt and a threat to the liberties of the governed… By the Bill of Rights they attempted to shackle the hands of government from becoming that threat… And if that was not enough the “Anger” of ARMED Citizens would have the ability to meet force with EQUAL force when attempts were made by government to throw these shackles off … The limits the courts have placed on Rights is after the fact… Scream Fire when there is none will get you sued and or imprisoned for anyone hurt or killed as a result, slander and you will be sued for damages… NO one advocates taking free speech from everyone for the acts of a few and no law limits free speech only the abuse of it….. Not so with the 2nd Amendment, all kinds of infringements have been placed on this right and more are planned by the political left to even “QUALIFY” for use of this Right… The ONLY entity being shackled by the Bill of Rights is Government as was the intention… History on Gun Rights have played out many times around the world under different guises.. They have always in the end led to disaster for those disarmed…. Yeah, our forefathers knew exactly what they were doing when they set up this Constitution and Bill of Rights… Are you David so Arrogant to imply that our forefathers were so uneducated as to freeze progress in weaponry to their time period only, that advances would not be made through out the history of this fledgling new government into its future and there was no need to stipulate what kinds of weapons citizens are allowed? Mass murders David are done by a few who abuse the right to bear arms, Period.. You don’t go after guns, you go after the abusers and what makes them abusing mass murders.. You don’t disarm the Law abiding citizens and render them as potential victims.. You don’t put them in ‘Gun Free Zones’ unless you are willing to pay the cost to protect them while they are in the Zone..

          • DavidAppell

            So according to your thinking, US citizens should now also be able to possess grenades, rocket launchers, nuclear weapons, and more — in order to keep pace with their government. Correct?

          • Ballistic45

            The 2nd Amendment does not stipulate types of weapons… Other laws and Treaties do regulate Nuclear Weapons.. And is of course a ridiculous inclusion on your part to inflame the issue.. Regarding the other weapons, machine guns, grenades, rocket launchers and ammo, flame throwers, tanks and ammo, artillery and ammo, and a host of others are available to civilians via ATF licensing, registration and fees… So keep it real, OK…
            I will now leave you David, again have a nice life… I will spend my time with those with an open and questioning mind with a appreciation for want History teaches….

          • DavidAppell

            Citizens can’t acquire flame throwers without a special license, because they can do great damage. An assault rifle is in exactly the same category. No one outside the military needs one, and the risk of damage from them is, as we’ve seen as as you refuse to even mention, too high.

            (This is the 3rd time you’ve said you would be leaving. Either do it or stop making meaningless threats.)

          • valley person

            Isn’t ATF licensing an infringement on your 2nd amendment right to be as well equipped personally as any army in the world?

          • Ballistic45

            Ridiculous, NO one person is equipped on par with any ARMY in the world, not even our own individual soldiers.. No one is advocating it… Personal Protection involves weapons that are designed to take immediate area individuals out presenting a threat to life and property.. I have the right to have weapons on equal with those individuals who would do me, my family and neighbors harm.. Those weapons the ATF license are AREA weapons designed to kill everyone or equipment in an AREA.. Machine guns (Fully Automatic) included because they are made to SPRAY an AREA with bullets, SEMI AUTO rifles and pistols are not designed to do that.. No matter what size Magazine it has, Each shot requires a pull of the trigger.. They are designed to take on multiple threats without having to take time to jack a new round into chamber for each shot.. In other words quick response protection where accuracy counts.. The Japanese were not and are not stupid people… Their decision to not invade mainland America was not that Flame throwers, Machine guns or Grenades were in the hands of citizens behind every blade of grass, no it was that they were so heavily armed with rifles and pistols… So don’t be ridiculous, Please..

          • DavidAppell

            A roomful of dead 6-year olds — which you still haven’t expressed the slightest concern about — suggest that semi-automatic weapons do indeed do a very fine job of spraying bullets around.

            Nor were such weapons in civilian hands before Pearl Harbor, which says they weren’t needed to deter the Japanese. Nor do you need them to deter the hordes that apparently gather outside your front door on a regular basis.

            Seek treatment for your paranoia, so that others don’t have to seek treatment for the damage it does.

          • Ballistic45

            It is not I who disregard the deaths of innocent people no matter the age, it is you and people like you who put them in Gun Free Zones so they can’t respond to threats or be protected by someone else… That’s like refusing to immunize children then gasp because they get Polio…. You better check history again David, 1911 45 ACP was certainly available to civilians and your right David it was just mostly hunting guns then, but sense then semi auto loaders have become available to both the Law abiding AND Criminals… And Criminals NEVER turned in those machine guns in 1934, they still use fully automatic machine guns to this day. So that ban didn’t work did it?

            Now answer me something David sense you decided to join this conversation with Valley Person… How intrusive does a Government have to get in order to REALLY take all guns from the hands of Criminals? How many RIGHT’s are you willing to give up in order for Government to have the power to do so?

          • DavidAppell

            The shooters at Newtown, Tucson, Aurora, Clackmas, etc were all “law abiding citizens” before they committed their acts. So that distinction means very little, and it does no good to label them “criminals” *after* the fact. They all had access to guns that should never have been allowed.

            More guns means more gun deaths.

          • Ballistic45

            Again, How powerful and intrusive are you willing to let Government become to take All guns from Law abiding citizens to prevent them from EVER becoming gun toting Criminals? More cars mean more deaths………. More people mean more deaths….

          • DavidAppell

            Stop the red herrings — no one is suggesting banning all guns.

            Writing something like “more people mean more deaths” is asinine, and just shows you don’t care in the least about the damage guns are doing in America. (There have been about 400 deaths by gun since Newtown.)

          • Ballistic45

            Again, How powerful and intrusive are you willing to let Government become to take All guns from Law abiding citizens to prevent them from EVER becoming gun toting Criminals?

            Read it again David, to assure No Children or anyone else dies because of a gun you will have to disarm everyone of every type gun they own, including those who are already or about to become criminals…. Answer it David, it is a simple question..

          • DavidAppell

            More red herrings. Again, no one is suggesting eliminating all guns, and no one expects to end all gun deaths — the point is to reduce and eliminate senseless slaughter of people in public settings with high-powered assault weapons that no one needs for self-defense.

            It’s tragic and sad that you have bought into the paranoia shopped by the likes of the NRA, that hordes are outside your door waiting to steal your womenfolk or the government is about to go rogue, when what they are really about is large profits for gun manufacturers. You need to read the essay “The Paranoid Style in American Politics” by American historian Richard J. Hofstadter,

          • Ballistic45

            “the point is to reduce and eliminate senseless slaughter of people in public settings with high-powered assault weapons that no one needs for self-defense.”

            David, have you ever seen what a 12 ga pump shot gun loaded with Buck Shot can do to a crowd.. Ask some Policemen…

            Again, How powerful and intrusive are you willing to let Government become in order to take All guns from Law abiding citizens to prevent them from EVER becoming gun toting Criminals?

          • DavidAppell

            You can’t decimate a room full of 6-year olds with a shotgun. Or a movie theatre.

            Do you have anything *other* than red herrings?

          • Ballistic45

            Obviously you know nothing at all of weapons, you must be an arm chair blogger and Writer.. A 17 in. barrel pump shot gun shooting buck shot puts out 12 bullets at one time spreading quickly across a wide swath, in a theatre it would injure or kill multiple people with ONE SHOT.. Most of these weapons hold 4 to 6 rounds, that’s equal to 72 bullets from just one magazine of 6 rounds..

            The question was simple David.. If you don’t believe government should disarm everyone of every weapon then how powerful and intrusive would you let them become to do what you see needs to happen? What rights are you willing to give up in order for them to do that? Also David, define what YOU see as an ASSAULT Rifle… Link your definition to any Military definition that supports your view….

          • DavidAppell

            We don’t have an epidemic of shotgun shootings, nor could one do anything like the damage done in Newtown, nor are they as easy to conceal. We have an epidemic of people using assault weapons to quickly kill large numbers of people, which are those guns only purpose. I care about stopping that. You clearly do not.

          • Ballistic45

            Again you fail to answer simple basic questions… Once you have “Assault Rifles” out of the hands of Law abiding citizens, and keep your ‘Gun Free Zones’ what’s to stop the next round of mass killings from using a sawed off shotgun armed with buck shot? Why do you think police cars are equipped with short barrel pump shot guns with buck shot David, could it be they are great for taking out groups of people bent on doing an officer harm? Do we go after them next David? I didn’t really think you would answer either question on an open forum.. So I will end it like this David.. Semi Automatic weapons with large capacity magazines are a great self defence weapon.. They are used by citizens during riots, by ranchers along our southern border to protect themselves from armed drug dealing groups coming across their property.. By women with high capacity semi-auto pistols against rapist and muggers… I have the the right to meet any force used to hurt me with EQUAL force, Period.. My answer David is… If your going to take peoples right to bear arms away in these “Gun Free Zones” then YOU are responsible to assure every person entering that ZONE is not packing a weapon… Period.. A walk thru Metal Detector and an Armed Guard should do the trick……

          • DavidAppell

            You have bought every paranoid platitude the NRA has dished out. You aren’t in the middle of a riot, or hunting illegal Mexicans, or threatened by drug dealers sneaking through your yard. You’re just an ordinary American, not a lone, narcissistic gunslinger in a western movie. You have a lot of dangerous guns that have too high a risk of being used by you or someone else in senseless violence, and the violence has gotten out of control, and people care a lot more about their children being safe in school or being able to go to a movie theatre than about your conspiracies of of rogue governments and invading mongrels.

          • Ballistic45

            David, you don’t need a fire Extinguisher? Why, is your house on fire? Do you think you are a fireman? You don’t need car, home or health Insurance? Why? Are you in a wreck right now, are you ill right now, is your home damaged right now? You sir have used every excuse that has been used all down through History to disarm or so regulate firearms as to render them useless. And History has shown the results of such naivety… Machine guns were banned in 1934, mainly to get them out of the hands of warring bootleg gangs, yet gangs use machine guns to this day, failed idea… Your so called Assault weapons were banned in 1994 to 2004, Check out how it failed to save lives during these years:

            Excerpt from this article
            Chicago, this year alone 446 kids have been shot where guns have been
            verboten, and just this week Chicago hit 500 murders that have now
            occurred in the “gun free” Toddlin’ Town for 2012. It appears as if our former Assault Weapons Ban and our current “gun free” zones DON’T WORK.

            So snort some more Obama Bath water, set back and drink your latte believing ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN propaganda…

          • DavidAppell

            What planet do you live on?? Now you’re complaining about the banning of machine guns? And what do fire extinguishers have to do with any of this??

          • Kathy

            Care/Shmare David. We DO HAVE AN EPIDEMIC of obesity and children with “adult” onset diabetes. 42% of the US population and 33 1/3% of US children are obese. Where is your care and concern regarding assault obesity. For a decade or more an average of 200 people in the US per year are murdered in mass shootings. Franken food and lack of preventive health care are killing many more Americans each year than “assault” guns and all guns combined. Single homicides where the murderer used a firearm are about 15,000 per year out of 313 million Americans. Abt 15,200/313,000,000 times 100 equals 0.0048562% of the US population are murdered by criminals/mentally ill using firearms in the US. US deaths from obesity related illnesses is exponentially greater. Sacrificing and risking the LIBERTY of the entire 100% of the 313 million US population over the loss of 0.0048562% or 15,200 of the entire US population makes no sense IMO. If you are not capable of understanding world history or biology or population statistics or politics I can not help. Sorry Care/Shmare G-d Bless You David!

          • DavidAppell

            Obesity and gun violence are totally separate issues. Conflating them does nothing for either.

            Again, there is no evidence GMOs lead to food that is in any way more harmful than nonGMO-derived food. None. But that’s not the issue here either — it’s that there are too many shootings in the US, and that’s because of the ubiquity of ridiculous weapons that no one needs for self-defense.

          • Kathy

            How many deaths by f-up American “food” and psychodrug SUICIDES have occurred in America since the autistic drugged up Newton 20 year old escaped his state-of-the-art Conn. State Psychiatric Hospital and criminally and insanely killed 26 innocent citizens/children? Many psycho drugs and even HEP C medicines say in the pharma literature that having suicidal ideas is a side effect of the medication. 42% of all US citizens are obese. 33 1/3% of US CHILDREN are obese. High fructose corn syrup is still legal and SUBSIDIZED by the US taxpayers. Heart disease and diabetes kill far more Americans in the US than mental patients with no psychiatric hospital to reside in 24/7 and/or murderers who use firearms.

          • Ballistic45

            Thanks Kathy for that info… LLL’s don’t care about any side of an issue that does not support their goals..
            (lying Liberal Lemmings), as you can see in their writings here, don’t really care about the victims of these tragedies, just what they can exploit from their still warm bodies in Political gains in their agenda…

          • Kathy

            Thank you Ballistic 45. I very much enjoyed your intelligent and informative posts. I just bet You did not skip or flunk 9th grade Civics OR 11th grade American Government in school. 😉

          • DavidAppell

            If you want to call preventing mass shootings of 6-year olds an “agenda,” go ahead. It’s an agenda I’m proud to have, and I don’t understand how any reasonable person would not have such an agenda.

          • Ballistic45

            Your solution of restricting types of guns, magazine size does NOTHING to prevent anything let alone 6 year olds being killed.. It didn’t work from 1994 to 2004, are you one of those who keep hitting your thumb with a hammer expecting a different outcome? You won’t even acknowledge the role unenforced ‘Gun Free Zones’ have played in Mass shooting…

            If your going to demand a ‘gun free zone’ then you are responsible to check that EVERYONE entering such ZONE be indeed without a gun.. DO YOU DENY this as a VALID NEED that has not been addressed by Liberals?

          • DavidAppell

            Our society is not going to tolerate being searched every time they enter a “gun free zone” — that’s ridiculous. It’s much more sensible to restrict dangerous guns in the first place, which no one needs to begin with. The whole country isn’t going to be rearranged just to suit the paranoia of a few gun nuts.

            Ft Hood wasn’t a gun free zone.The Gabby Giffords shooting. Jake England. I don’t believe the Carson City IHOP shooting was in a gun free zone. The 2011 Seal Beach shooting. That’s just for starters.

          • Ballistic45

            Sense when is a metal detector and a security guard something to be tolerated David, we deal with it all the time at every major airport in the country, most court houses and definitely at political Conventions… But it won’t be tolerated at Forced Gun Free Zones? Are you kidding me? And you still fail to show where banning ANYTHING has worked.. The paranoia is not by gun owners, but those seeing every gun owner as a criminal in waiting drooling over their Machine guns and SO CALLED assault rifles…. It is gun-grabbers who advocate killing NRA supporters… It is those on the left calling for the death or imprisonment for anyone who opposes their agenda.. Democratic leader in Texas advocating the killing of gun rights supporters, Obama supporters saying he should incarcerate opposition members… With this kind of thinking by the left is it any wonder that gun sales are up… Mostly first time buyers..

            Check again David, that part of the Ft. Hood base was most certainly a gun free zone.. That’s why soldiers were reduced to throwing tables and chairs at Nidal Malik Hasan trying to stop him… Several were shot trying to rush him and take him down physically.. Look it up David, MOST mass killings have for the last 20 years been in GUN FREE ZONES… But you really do know all this don’t you.. Your job as a LLL is to muddy the issue with BS… Deny History, Deny stats if it doesn’t agree with your agenda… Good try, Most Americans are beginning to stop with the knee jerk reactions and look for REAL answers to problems…

          • DavidAppell

            Where is the data showing that most mass killings of the last 20 years have been in gun free zones? Not anecdotes, or something you heard from your easy chair. Data. Proof.

          • Ballistic45

            LOOK IT UP YOURSELF…. You won’t believe anything anyone else brings to you….. It’s EASY to find…. If I can find it, you can… But you don’t REALLY want to know do you David? Damn, that would mean you would have to rethink the role unsecured ‘Gun Free Zones’ play in getting people killed…

          • DavidAppell

            You made the claim — it’s your obligation to provide the proof. I don’t think you have it, and are just making things up.

          • DavidAppell

            Kathy has presented a lot of bad information here. There is no scientific evidence that American’s food choices have lead to an increase in suicide — none.

            Nor is there convincing scientific evidence that link antidepressants and suicide:

            let alone any evidence that whatever medications Adam Lanza might have been on — which hasn’t been confirmed as far as I know — led him to commit the shooting.

            But we do know he got access to serious weapons. But it may well come to some serious background checks of gun owners for mental illness, and mental illness of those around them who might get access to their guns.

          • DavidAppell

            More bad information — Adam Lanza was never in a psychiatric hospital, nor escaped from one.

          • Kathy

            David, Hi there. Yes I have presented a lot of SAD information here.The over all 42% obese rate (33 1/33% children) of the US population is evidence of the unhealthy (deadly) over salted over preserved over sugared over high fructose corn syruped over saturatedly fatted GMO genetically tampered with American food. The consumption of that food’s relationship to heart disease, diabetes, and cancers is evidence enough for me that the food marketed to the public in America is unhealthy for 42% of the US population. (Not to mention the unnecessary associated healthcare costs blowing up the US economy) Yes David I call that “bad” food. Seriously I am amused by your silliness of failing to catch my sarcasm. ” Adam Lanza was never in any psychiatric hospital.” I found NO record last week of ANY mentally ill patients residing in ANY US psychiatric hospital during 2002-2012. If your research skills find those US Psych Hospital Population records from 2002 to 2012 I would be very interested. Since I find no record of mentally ill patients residing in any US psychiatric hospitals at all obviously this mentally ill Lanza was not. IMO that’s the problem more than risking my liberty by screwing any further with my 2nd Amendment. Yes it is my 2nd Amendment. There are hundreds of years combined service of my blood relatives and ancestors serving in the US Military fighting and dying and enduring disrespect and disabilities to keep my 2nd Amendment UNdiluted. My family was here in the 1500s. One of my ggggreat grandparent ancestors was Margaret Winslow historically known as the first female school teacher in the US. A better choice than screwing further with my 2nd Amendment would be for Lanza and other criminally insane people walking around the US homeless and unsupervised on dangerous unpredictable psych drugs (that carry warnings of irritability and suicidal side effects) to be banned to US psychiatric hospitals 24/7 way before any “assault ” weapon or 30 round clips are stolen from law abiding Patriotic American Lovers of Liberty. As you also must have missed in my earlier post: The most recent record for mentally ill residents in US psychiatric hospitals I found was from 2001 when the statistic was less than 50,000 total mentally ill residents in US psychiatric hospitals. I’m guessing the US population was less than 300 million in 2001. SAD information indeed, David. Check out the tale of 2 cities: look into what happened when guns were totally banned in 1981 or 82 in the village of Morton Grove Illinois. Then read about the ordinance passed about the same time in Kennesaw Georgia. After 31 years the results of that research tells me all I need to know about how gun banning laws work/don’t work in the US.

          • DavidAppell

            I’m sure there are certainly some people in US psychiatric hospitals, but I don’t know why you would expect to be able to find their names online, due to medical privacy laws.

            There is no scientific evidence linking GMOs to any diseases.

            Adam Lanza was not walking around “homeless,” nor is it known what, if any, drugs he was on.

            Gun bans in particular towns mean little, since guns can always be brought in from outside. That’s why national laws are needed.

            All you’re doing is projecting your fears and frustrations onto this situation. Few of your conclusions stand up.

          • Ballistic45

            Oh for sh*t sake David, Drugs are smuggled regularly, you think guns will not be? a town or a nation it matters not, banning things never work unless the Government is SO powerful and intrusive on privacy and every aspect of your life that you cannot smuggle… And from some of you other post on here, I would suggest you Google (SSRI Stories) go to the first link listed, go to bottom of first page, click on (Click to Enter SSRI Stories Index) see another issue not being addressed by the left in Not only Mass Shootings but many, many other deaths and injuries…

          • DavidAppell

            Drugs are smuggled with difficulty, and are not ubiquitous because of it. Banning assault weapons won’t eliminate them, but it will certainly reduce their numbers, probably significantly. Closing loopholes will eliminate their untraceability. Licensing and insurance will reduce their danger.

            Google searches aren’t science.

          • Ballistic45

            ubiquitous – existing or being everywhere at the same time : constantly encountered : widespread—–
            “Drugs are smuggled with difficulty, and are not ubiquitous because of it.” Your credibility just went out the window with this stupid statement…

          • DavidAppell

            Drugs are not ubiquitous — show me the store where you can buy them, or the drug shows where vendors sell them to anyone.

          • Kathy

            Not looking for names. I did not find and count 600,000 individual names from 1949. Are you serious? No Psych Hosp Pop statistics are available from 2002 to 2012. You can’t possibly be that dense can you be?

          • DavidAppell

            I’m sure such statistics exist, but am not going to waste my time looking for them. (Call the National Institute of Mental Health if you really want to know.)

            The US now, cruelly, waits until the mentally ill commit a crime, and then imprisons them. You’ll get no argument from me that the mentally ill are now vastly undertreated, and poorly treated in the mess the US calls its health care system.

          • Kathy

            Your last sentence makes the most sense of any of your posts I’ve read so far. In time you may put the parts together at least you have some pieces. Thank you for directing me to the NIMH. Here is some of what I’ve found there so far: from NIMH 2007 Report “1. page 11 Only half of Bipolar patients take medication as prescribed. 2. page 11 Gene Variants Linked to Suicidal Thoughts In Some Men Starting Anti Depressant Treatment Recent studies have indicated anti depressant treatment may increase the risk of suicidal thinking and behaviors in people up to age 25.(Roy Perlis MD Massachusetts General and colleagues) 3. page 12 Violence More Likely in Schizophrenic Patients With Past Childhood Conduct Problems Jeffrey Swanson Phd Duke University Among the participants 124 (8.6% including 54 men) developed suicidal thinking after starting treatment. There may be tremendous potential for identifying the subset of people at greater suicidal risk during initial anti depressant treatment.” I haven’t even got to the autism parts yet. All support what I’ve already posted and this report came out 6 years ago. Thank you again for directing me to the NIMH. There may be more nuggets in that report. Unlike some I “care” enough “to waste my time looking for them”. We “care” in different ways perhaps. I may even find a more recent record of those mentally ill receiving psychiatric supervision 24/7/365 in US psychiatric hospitals (not jail or prison) for a year more recent than 2001. 2007 is closer to 2013 than 2001 is. LOL Thanks again David. I am enlightened I hope you are as well.

          • Kathy

            Hi David I apologize for the dense comment. Adam Lanza was UNSUPERVISED to the extent he successfully performed a behavior that got him that 24/7 SUPERVISION his mental illness obviously required. Kennesaw Georgia did not ban guns. That town required that either the head of household or property owner (excluding felons and mentally ill) owned a registered firearm for the household.. Compare the crimes and crime rates accidental shootings and murders in Kennesaw Georgia and Morton Grove Illinois since 1981/1982. 31 years of gun ban research in the US are not wasted on me. SAD you are too busy to investigate more information than your own on the subject you “care”so much about.

          • DavidAppell

            The US violent crime rate has been falling since about 1970 — perhaps in part due to the removal of lead from gasoline — so you can’t simply attribute Kennesaw’s drop to its gun regulations. Correlation does not equal causation.

            Besides, I thought conservatives were against gun regulations?

          • Kathy

            Actually I was looking more specifically at gun deaths and murders not general overall violent crime rates. Also from Mother Jones A Guide to Mass Shootings Dec 15 2012 by Folman, Aronson, and Pan: Total Injured AND Killed In Mass Shootings in US 1982-2012: 945. 945/30 yrs = 31.5 average number of persons per year including Injured AND Killed in mass shootings in the US. The figure I estimated from other sources in earlier postings was about 200 per year I thought were killed. I did not include the injured as Mother Jones writers did. According to Mother Jones there are far fewer mass shooting casualties in the US than even I imagined. I haven’t called anyone a liberal or a conservative here. What do you consider yourself? No one asked me if I am a liberal or conservative.

          • DavidAppell

            I guess we have different standards, because I consider 31.5 deaths/yr from mass shootings to be a tragic indictment of our violent society.

          • Kathy

            Yes the tree of Liberty requires the blood of patriots from time to time to stay alive. Sadly even if those patriots are children. I hope the mentally ill receive the 24/7 365 supervision our society demands before more innocents are sacrificed and more liberty is stolen.

          • DavidAppell

            That is probably the most pathetic, appalling comment I have ever read on this Web site. Purely heartless and disgusting.

            No wonder you hide your identity.

          • Kathy

            World History is pathetic. Glad to help you out of your shell. IMO Your blind support of the actions of Hitler Stalin Chairman Mao Fidel Castro Pol Pot are pathetic. If guns are not protection against bad government then why does our government give them to rebels who are fighting the Syrian Government? What details of my identity are you curious about? What do you consider yourself? Who got your vote for US President in 1976?

          • DavidAppell

            News flash: You aren’t a Minuteman in Boston fighting against the King’s army. No one is about to kick your door down in the middle of the night. Thinking that a roomful of small children needs to die to feed your paranoid fantasies is callous, heartless, twisted and deluded. I don’t even believe “Kathy” is your real name, because no woman I’ve ever met would ever say such a thing.

            The Paranoid Style in American Politics, Richard J. Hofstadter, first published in Harper’s Magazine in November 1964

          • Kathy

            News flash: 20th century dictators have killed 290 million people. If guns are not protection against tyranny (bad government) then why does our government give them to rebels who are fighting the Syrian Government? What details of my identity are you accusing me of hiding? What do you consider yourself? Who got your vote in 1976 for US President? I don’t believe you graduated high school. Passing grades in 9th grade Civics and 11th Grade American Government were required for a high school diploma when I earned mine. lol Misogyny on your part is not a very compelling feature. Why do you espouse the ideas and support the actions of Hitler,Stalin,Chairman Mao,Fidel Castro Pol Pot and other 20th century tyrants?

          • DavidAppell

            You live in an advanced representative democracy that is no where close to any totalitarian regimes of the past, and not about to become one, and the reason isn’t because we have a well-armed citizenry but because we have free elections, democratic traditions, and the rule of law. Implying otherwise is an insult to people who really have lived in totalitarian countries…. If you want to threaten our civilization, one of the surest ways to do that is let society devolve to the point where everyone has to carry a gun just to go to the grocery store, and children fear they can’t go to school without armed guards everywhere. Your paranoid fears and fantasies, and your immature ideas about “liberty” (which are sold by the likes of the NRA on behalf of fun manufacturers) contribute directly to that, and do great harm to the country.

          • Kathy

            Why do you espouse the ideas and support the actions of Hitler Stalin Chairman Mao Fidel Castro Pol Pot and other 20th and 21st century tyrants? If guns are not protection against tyranny why is our government (bad government) then why then why does our government give them to rebels fighting the Syrian Government? Three times asked. Since you can’t answer these questions by now you are definitely out of steam.

          • DavidAppell

            If you can’t tell the difference between the Syrian regime and the US government, there is no getting through to you. I should have given up when you said a roomful of children needed to die for your liberty.

          • Kathy

            Out of steam misogynist: If you can’t tell why and what makes the Syrian Government and the United States Government different you are a high school drop out. 4th time: Why do you espouse the ideas and support the actions of Hitler Stalin Chairman Mao Fidel Castro Pol Pot and other 20th and 21st century tyrants? If guns are not protection against tyranny (bad government) why does the US Government give them to rebels fighting the Syrian Government? Two very simple questions for a thoughtful ‘caring’ misogynist.

          • Kathy

            Out of steam misogynist: Since you do not understand why they are different you must be a high school drop out. 4th time: Why to you espouse the ideas and support the actions of 20th an 21st century tyrants? If guns are not protection against tyranny (bad government) then why does the US Government give them to rebels fighting the Syrian Government? All those in favor of banning guns raise your right hand just like Heil Hitler. 😉 This has been my first disqus discussion. See ya ’round OOS Misogynist.

          • Guest


          • 3H

            Oh please yourself. The reason the Japanese didn’t invade mainland United States was because of the logistic involved. They hadn’t secured their position in Pacific yet. And, it is doubtful they would have tried. I do not believe it had anything to do with our being heavily armed with pistols and rifles.

          • Kathy


          • DavidAppell

            “A recent CNN poll found that 94 percent of Americans support background checks for gun purchasers, while 61 percent support a ban on semi automatic assault guns and high capacity magazine clips.”


          • Kathy

            CNN Poll? Isn’t that the station that sponsors non US Citizen Piers Morgan?

          • Ballistic45

            USA Today poll asked: “Does the Second Amendment give individuals the right to bear arms?

            Yes: 97% No: 2% Undecided: 1% Number of responses at that time: 12,218,202.

            Undoubtedly there have got to be some Liberals in there that don’t agree with you David…

          • DavidAppell

            With such response numbers it was clearly an online poll, which are statistically useless because responses are not picked randomly from the population..

            The question is also extremely simplistic (as you’d expect from USA Today). What exactly are “arms,” and why do they include high-powered, large magazine, rapidly shooting military assault weapons? Should you be allowed to have grenades and rocket launchers, too?

          • 3H

            Which makes your rants against liberals null and void.

        • DavidAppell

          Seriously though, a lot of people found Newtown so shocking that they have decided things have to seriously change. They do not want to live in a society where schoolchildren and movie goers and mall shoppers are slaughtered by sadistic military weapons, and they will not live in a society constructed on the terms of the gun nuts. You can keep you little pistols and deer rifles, but if you want a military weapon you can join a militia, as per the 2nd amendment’s clause, and you can check your big guns out of a locker before training and back into a locker afterward, like the Swiss.

          So go ahead and rant and stomp and call people names. Things have to change now, and name-calling isn’t going to intimidate people who care about the safety of 1st graders over your paranoid desire to fight a war.

          • Ballistic45

            OK, Lets get down to it,

            “Our main agenda is to have all guns banned. We must use whatever means possible. It doesn’t matter if you have to distort the facts or even lie. Our task of creating a socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.”
            Sara Brady Chairman, Handgun Control Inc, to Senator Howard Metzenbaum The National Educator, January 1994, Page 3.

            It is the Liberals who brought about “Gun Free Zones” (Killing Fields), not Conservatives… And certainly not Pro-Second Amendment supporters.. Liberals provided Mass Killers and Crazies the opportunity to kill unhindered giving Liberals the body count they need to push their Gun Grabbing agenda.. Bodies are not even cold before the left starts in with their gun grabbing mantra… Not a thought comes from the left to shut down ‘Gun Free Zones’, the only demon is guns, not insane people or disarmed teachers, or no guards to protect the children, it is guns… Obama’s children’s school has 11 armed guards not counting the Secret Service Personnel that goes everywhere with them.. Good enough for his kids, good enough for yours and mine….

            I maintain that Liberals will sacrifice anyone to further their agenda, babies in abortions to gain women’s vote, adults and children in mass killings in “Gun Free Zones” to push for complete gun control.. American and Mexican citizens in Cartel killings using guns provided by this Liberal US Government as a claim to the availability of guns in US as a problem and a need for further gun control… Liberals Cry for the dead are as fake as Obama’s poorly acted swipe at a non existent tear..

            As far as the 2nd Amendment being only for the Militia, I leave you with some quotes from those who were closer to the intended meaning than anyone in our age….

            “The supposed quietude of a good man allures the ruffian; while on the other hand arms, like laws, discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as property. The same
            balance would be preserved were all the world destitute of arms, for all would be alike; but since some will not, others dare not lay them aside … Horrid mischief would ensue were the law-abiding deprived of the use of them.” – Thomas Paine

            “To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them.” – Richard Henry Lee, American Statesman, 1788

            “Are we at last brought to such humiliating and debasing degradation, that we cannot be trusted with arms for our defense? Where is the difference between having our arms in possession and under our direction
            and having them under the management of Congress? If our defense be the real object of having those arms, in whose hands can they be trusted with more propriety, or equal safety to us, as in our own hands?” – Patrick Henry

            “The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the Constitution.” – Thomas Jefferson

            “What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance. Let them take arms.” –
            Thomas Jefferson

            “The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion.” – Edmund Burke

            “They that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Ben Franklin

            Show me a country POWERFUL and INTRUSIVE enough to be able to disarm ALL criminals and crazies, I’ll show you a country with ever changing views of what rights citizens have, I know of only two that come close to this kind of power, North Korea and Red China.. If you buy this liberal BS of giving up guns to gain safety, move to one of them….

          • DavidAppell

            So have one 20-year old quote by someone who’s no longer even alive, and naturally you extrapolate that to cover all liberals in the present day.

            Is that really all you got? Anything recent or relevant?

          • Ballistic45

            Funny how current attempts to disarm America is ignored by you.. All plans of action start somewhere, sometime, How convenient for you and the rest of the Liberal lemmings to deny that it is still the plan.. Your absence of comment about the other quotes is noted.. I leave you and your ignorance with one last quote:

            “If you wish the sympathy of the broad masses, you must tell them the crudest and most stupid things.”

            “This year will go down in history. For the first time, a
            civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!” – Adolph Hitler, Chancellor, Germany, 1933

            Some people are smart enough to learn from History, sadly, some are not…

          • DavidAppell

            What current attempts to “disarm” America? Be specific, and offer something more than conspiracies and platitudes.

          • Ballistic45

            No, you be specific David, what has this Administration done to uphold the Constitutional Rights of Citizens? Name one Constitutional Right that this Administration has NOT deluted?

          • DavidAppell

            So you can’t offer any current attempts to ban all guns….

          • Ballistic45

            I didn’t think you could show one Constitutional Right Obama’s Administration hasn’t molested… As for current attempts, do you live under a rock? All Rights are lost piece by piece, History proves that..

            Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.)—author of the federal “assault weapon” and “large” ammunition magazine ban of 1994-2004—has announced that on the first day of the new Congress—January 3rd— she will introduce a bill to which her 1994 ban will pale by comparison. READ her NEW list of gun restrictions David…..

          • DavidAppell

            What part of the 2nd amendment has Obama “molested”: The 1st?

            I support banning assault weapons — they aren’t needed for hunting or self-defense, and are only intended to kill large numbers of people (like, say, 1st graders) very quickly. I’ll be writing my Congressmen in support of Feinstein’s bill.

          • valley person

            Why do you think ordinary citizens should be able to own high capacity weapons, given the obvious risk these weapons have to be misused?

          • Kathy

            Who is an “ordinary” US citizen? The 2nd amendment is a valiant attempt to assure there are no “extra ordinary” citizens. During US early history the “ordinary” citizens and the “extra ordinary” citizens owned and used the same basic type of musket or firearm weaponry. When the “extra ordinary” citizens of the US government are armed with better weapons than the “ordinary ” citizens that delicate balance between rulers and the ruled (wealthy and poor) IS DESTROYED. Thank you for asking. G-d Bless Alex Jones!

          • DavidAppell

            From the Supreme Court decision DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA et al. v. HELLER (2008):

            “Like most rights, the Second Amendment right is not unlimited. It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose….”

          • Kathy

            Yes the Supremes have shown they are owned by the wealthy. That is the same bunch who insist corporations are people. The Supremes also appointed King George II in 2000. Plenty of street cred there. You make my point for me. The “extra ordinary” citizens are armed with better weapons than the “ordinary” citizens at this moment AND that moment in 2008. That delicate balance between the rulers and the ruled (wealthy and poor) IS DESTROYED. The Supremes simply Underscored it in Bold Face with Heller.We are already The United Slaves of America. 🙁

          • Ballistic45

            If you mean Sara Brady, she most certainly is alive and still advocating gun control… She was just on CBS News tonight 01-08-2013 still advocating gun banning…..

          • DavidAppell

            Howard Metzenbaum (you quoted him).

            I am glad Sara Brady is “still” advocating for gun control. After all, her husband’s life was devastated by a gun. She has the guts to stand up for an end to gun violence.

    • 3H

      I never said he shouldn’t be fired, if you’re responding to me, I just don’t think he should be deported.

  • DavidAppell

    For someone like Piers Morgan, there is no such thing as bad publicity. I suspect he’s already asking about his next contract.

  • Tim Lyman

    Honestly, who really gives a flying ___?

  • Mike

    This brave man spoke from his heart.

  • LibsDeserveDeath

    Morgan has threatened to self deport. I suspect his threat is no different than Alec Baldwin’s threat to leave the USA if George Bush won re-election.

    • DavidAppell

      Morgan is an entertainer. I suspect his ratings are up because of this hubbub.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Morgan is an idiot. He has only shot a gun once and has absolutely no knowledge of firearms or the issue. Fact is, gun control really hasn’t done much good in England or Australia. Those two countries at least have the advantage of essentially being islands (ok, England does have Ireland) so they should be able to control their smuggling. I’m guessing, but they probably do not also have AG’s (or their equivalent) who sell guns to known criminals like we do with Eric “Body Bags” Holder.

    Let’s face it, when we excuse our own attorney general for heading a justice department that sells guns to criminals with the result of hundreds of people dead and don’t even bat an eyelash, we don’t really give a crap.

    It’s all about scoring political points to the left. Same as the prisoners in GITMO. Same as ignoring the hundreds killed in Fast and Furious. Same old same old.

  • Guest

    Again, How powerful and intrusive are you willing to let Government become to take All guns from Law abiding citizens to prevent them from EVER becoming gun toting Criminals?

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