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Oregon’s late presidential primary means Oregon gets shut out of the competitive presidential contest.  It is time to start bringing the debate and vibrant public discourse back to Oregon. Oregon needs to have a voice in one of the most important and wide-open presidential primaries in a generation.

Oregon Catalyst is launching a statewide open invitation to Oregonians to speak up on your candidate of choice. Tell us why your candidate should win the primary. Even supporters of undeclared candidates will be given a chance.

The debate starts with your article! Articles selected will be featured on Oregon Catalyst where they can be seen and discussed.

Help us start the Oregon debate right now. Send your articles to [email protected]

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  • Stephan

    I like Rick Perry.  But then again, Air Force veterans stick together. A Perry/Rubio ticket would seal the deal in 2012

  • valley dude

    Bachman-Paul or the other way around, because why not go completely bats**t crazy and get it over with?

    • David Appell

      And for the Cabinet: 
      Grover Norquist for Treasury SecretaryScott Walker for Labor SecretaryJames Inhofe for head of EPANewt Gingrich for Dept of EducationTom Tancredo for Sec of StateSarah Palin – Dept of EnergyOMB: Paul RyanDept of Justice: ScaliaDept of Pizza: Herman Cain

      • Rupert in Springfield

        Nice ethnic slur David! Good one. you and Dean are peas in a pod on the racism tip. Amazing!

        • Founding Fathers

          Where’s the ethnic slur?

          He’s saying Herman Cain for Dept of Pizza, not Scalia. Cain used to run a pizza chain, so it’s apt.

  • Zopata

    No flip floppers, no RINOs, No Globalist. No Obama appeasers, negiators, none of this middle nof the road crap. We got where we are today becase of this type of bull so its time to stop it.

  • Larry Sparks

    Perry/Bachmann or Rubio, also  Perry/Cain would be very diffictult to beat.

  • Kellylovelace

    Rick Perry #1  Bachman#2

  • Anonymous

    Obama should stay president to keep the crazy rightwingers from destroying America.

  • Anonymous

    Obama should stay president to keep the crazy rightwingers from destroying America.

    • Anonymous

      In 2012 even a bobblehead will beat Obama! I especially can hardly wait until his affirmative action Attorney General gets indicted for the deaths of American law enforcement officers..

      • BetterALibThanAConJob

        Won’t you be crying in your beer when the Gopper loses.

    • Ronglynn

      Right on! Our guy is doing a great job wrecking America and we do not need any help from Republicans. Give President Obama 4 more years so the workers can finally throw off the schackles of capitalism. Complete Socialism is the ticket to true happiness for Americans.

  • HoboJoe

    Perry Rubio would be the greatest!!!!!
    Some men with the b—– to do the job.
    Not some pathetic, sickly, weak, left wing wack job fools.

  • HoboJoe

    Perry Rubio would be the greatest!!!!!
    Some men with the b—– to do the job.
    Not some pathetic, sickly, weak, left wing wack job fools.

  • Pspath10

    The ticket I want is Ryan/Rubio. Both are fiscal conservatives and both appear committed to stay that way. I’m tried of politicians who claim to be fiscally conservative but when it comes down to their voting record, they are anything but conservative. 

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Gotta love how liberals here can’t think of anything to do other than call people stupid. Considering they think the current occupant of the White House is a genius, that should tell you a lot about the validity of their assessment.

    • valley dude

      Rupert…please. How many times have you called me stupid or the equivalent?  

      As for the racist charge….grow up dude.

    • 3H

      There are worse things than calling someone isn’t there Rupert. And every time I bring this up, you run away and hide and pass up the chance to apologize.  You call people names all the time on here.  Just another example of your classic Do as I Say, not as I Do.

  • kingston

    Rubio said he will not run

  • Rc Jan-spitfire

    Because of the chronology of our Primary, I thought it would be appropriate to let the rest of the country know how we feel about issues concerning the candidates, with a constantly circulating list of Hits and Misses. Like:

    Newt Gingrich – Miss, Says he agrees with Obama on Cap n’ Trade
    Rick Perry – Hit, Stood up to Obama and the administration on follow through with execution of illegal who raped and murdered a 16 yr. old girl.
    Jon Huntsman – Miss, He and his family gave over $30,000 to Harry Reid and Dems for the 2010 election.
    Michele Bachman – Hit, For the marvelous way she handled herself in the debate and to all challenges that come her way.

  • wnd

    Moving US away  from New World Order manurefractionism, we might consider Lloyd Marcus, Clarence Thomas, J.C. Watts, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Janice Rogers Brown, Condoleeza Rice, Michael Steele, Bill Cosby, Alan Keyes, Allen West, Anne Wortham, Wintley Phipps, Juan Williams, Star Parker, Jeff Blackwell and Michael Massie, et al, from further advancing the door knocking strep throat premise of a viral intonese Kenya believe interdoper, Barrack Hussein Obama, aka, Barry Soetoro, angstus CONtagious bovine scatoloy manureveerist.    

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