Rep. Tim Freeman: Timber, Smarter Fuel Choices Key to Success

Timber, Smarter Fuel Choices Key to Economic Success
By Rebecca Tweed

State Representative Tim Freeman (R-Roseburg) has introduced legislation that would allow for local stations to carry non-ethanol-blended fuel by their own choice and demographic need. Ethanol-blended fuels don’t work in chainsaws and most farm equipment, but access to non-blended fuel is extremely limited in rural areas. This bill gives fuel stations the choice to carry both types of fuel, making it more beneficial for consumers.

He is also working alongside Rep. Jules Bailey (D-Portland) on a piece of legislation that would extend the sunset date on the purchase of logging equipment.

“These types of agricultural issues are important to our district””our local economy is stimulated by people’s ability to farm their land, use their property for investment, log and grow timber among many other things. It’s what we rely on down here,” says Representative Freeman.

Representative Tim Freeman knows his district better than anyone””he grew up there, is raising his family there, owns a business there and served on the city council for over five years. If anyone knows the people and the needs of House District 2, it’s him.

Before his service on the City Council, Representative Tim Freeman worked for Don Whitaker Logging and currently owns Freeman’s Garden Valley Shell Station, lending him to even better relate to the important issues specific to his district.

Representative Tim Freeman says that he hopes to bring that personal touch to the decisions he makes in the legislature. “It’s challenging to work on a city council,” he said. “Everyone is a friend, family member or a family member of a friend. You start to really personalize the work you do because it affects people who are close to you.” He said he introduced the ethanol bill specifically because it was brought to his attention by the logging industry within his district.

Representative Tim Freeman is concerned about some legislation being introduced from the other side of the aisle, specifically one piece that would require gas stations to check the tire pressure of each car that comes through their station.

“Do you know how much money and time we would lose if that passed? Service station owners would have to hire an additional person just to check tire pressure and no one can afford the price of gas increasing,” stated Representative Freeman.

Most important, Representative Tim Freeman wants to be available to the people of his district, “I think the more minds, the more ideas, the better the outcome. Citizens rely on you as their gateway to their government and I’m here to help them, whatever they may need and building those relationships is really my favorite part of this job.”