Dorchester update: Atkinson, Alley and Frank Morse for Gov?

One of the inside rumors at Dorchester is that State Senator Frank Morse is running for Governor. That would explain Morse’s taking so many high profile issues last month such as proposing a sales tax and raiding the tax kicker refund for rainy day (oh no!). At Dorchester, we had two 2010 Governor candidate booths — Senator Jason Atkinson and former Treasurer candidate Allen Alley. Folks, 2010 has started.

Best joke
The bumper sticker, Honk if you paid my mortgage, was put out by For Oregon, a great new group designed to help train the younger generation for leadership.

Updated – March 9th
As much as “…For Oregon” would like to take create for the bumper sticker. All credit for the idea should reside with Eric Engelstad. FO was simply facilitating Eric’s creative talent to the rabble rousers at this year’s Dorchester.
Income tax? Serious?
When asked of several lawmakers are the Democrat leaders serious about the recent four income tax increase recently proposed, the answer was YES. All the other taxes (beer, cigarette, corporate) simply cannot raise the half billion to billion more than they need. Heaven knows we shouldn’t reduce spending nor grow the economy.

If you want to know how business unfriendly the Legislature has become, one Salem watcher said the “Business and Labor Committee” should be renamed “..and Labor Committee” because hardly a single business piece of legislation has been proposed, it has been all pro-labor.