Progressives in NY botch gun law

by NW Spotlight

New York State passed a set of draconian new gun restrictions last Tuesday evening, which included a ban on assault weapons, a high-capacity magazine ban and background checks on ammunition sales. They called the new gun restrictions the NY Safe Act. New York Gov. Cuomo talked about it in his NY State of the State Address on January 9, 2013, calling on New York to “Set an example for the rest of the nation,” adding that “This is New York, the Progressive Capital.”

It’s a good thing they didn’t call it the NY Well-Thought-Out Act. In their rush to keep New York “the Progressive Capital,” New York has made it illegal for police to bring their guns into schools and they have made it illegal for police to have magazines with more than 7 bullets. The headline of a Townhall article quips “New York Passed a Gun Control Law So They Could See What Was in It.” How exactly does New York expect police to respond to a school shooting without their guns?

The New York State Republican Party said of the new gun laws “in his rush to be the first governor in the Nation to pass any gun control legislation, [Governor] Cuomo missed the opportunity to get gun policy right.”

As draconian as the new laws are, they’re not as bad as what Gov. Cuomo was considering last month. Talking on “Fred Dicker Live from the State Capitol” on December 20, 2012, Gov. Cuomo said “confiscation could be an option.” Progressive indeed.

  • voterid

    To watch Gov. Cuomo perform after he signed into law his new gun law, you know for sure he wants to run for President…what a joke…these guys couldn’t put their pants on the right way let alone come up with a gun law off the top of their heads…dumb and dumber running this state…Cuomo and Nanny Blomberg! What a pair to draw to.

  • Ballistic45

    “Progressive” is a name chosen by Communist to hide behind to be more palatable in America born out of a Communist Think Tank in New York with the help of Columbia University Post WW I.. So in reality he said “This is New York, the Communist Capital.” And by God he is RIGHT…. He would confiscate guns if he thought he could get away with it…

    Read the history of the Progressive Movement…

    • 3H

      Actually, no. The Progressive Movement saw itself as a movement that stood between the laissez-faire Capitalists and the Socialist/Communist Left. Progressives were both Republicans and Democrats. There was already a strong Socialist party at that time.

      • MadeleineTector

        Nancy Pelosi and Henry Waxman and a few others were under watch by the police special forces back in th e&0’s in NY for communis tactivities, just when they were to be arrested Ted Kennedy shut th ewhole thing down, , the Detective on that watch said the same people the fellow travelers, could now be found in the Progressive caucus. they are . but communism is no longer a crime.

        • 3Hall

          A lot of people. who weren’t communists, were under watch at one time. Good grief. You’re going to need much better evidence than that. Do you have any reputable sources you can cite?

    • MadeleineTector

      Thank you. He and Cuomo sai this is the first progressive citiy in NY state. how charming.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Personally I found the police omission from the law hilarious. Nothing drives home the point more clearly that the bozos that passed this law don’t know what the hell they are doing. One of the major reasons I left the state.

  • MadeleineTector

    I’m a native New Yorker, I wouldn’t give you 2 cents for NYC now. I went ot school there and I lived in Brooklyn most of my life, NY was a great city, I worked there and had a great time, when Bloomberg took office it became progressive and oppresive, he is a control freak and a communist from what I can see,
    My whole family is gone , they all moved out. Bloomberg bought himself another tern and lets hope he doesn’t do that again, he has all of his money in Dubai, a real American, He found fault wiht Bono moving his money out of Ireland and moving it to Holland ot avoid the taxes, yet he did the same thing. He can’t ocntrol his temper either, he should not have a gun but I can bet you he has several. Bad Mayor and a Bad Govemnor, two progressives and proud of their progressive city, the senior Guoma was very far left and comnmunistic as well, when I saw jr. get in I knew it was not a good thing, who are they playing to , the Chinese communists that are ovming in? . .

    • 3H

      No. Because Bloomberg is not a Communist. Nor are the vast majority of the Left.

  • valley person

    Draconian? This is what you guys consider to be draconian?

    I think you need a dictionary.

  • Bill O Rights

    Unless the police in New York are planning to commit mass murder, why would they need more than one magazine of 7 rounds?

    • LibsDeserveDeath

      Did you ever consider that one officer might have to defend himself from more than one person with a gun?

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