HB 2005: A second attack on the initiative process

Taxpayer Association of Oregon Alert:

HB 2005 has a hearing this Wednesday. It aims to handicap the people’s initiative prcoess by more roadblocks and more landmines to disqualify legitimate signatures for people who do not perfect the new bureacratic rules. See bill description below.

– Requires that person being paid to obtain signatures on prospective petition for state measure to be initiated must register with Secretary of State and complete training program. Extends period of time within which secretary must register applicant to obtain signatures on any state petition to five days.
– Directs Secretary of State to prepare official templates of cover and signature sheets for prospective petitions for state measures to be initiated.
– Directs chief petitioner of state initiative petition to file signature sheets with Secretary of State each month. Allows secretary to begin verification of signatures if secretary determines that at least 50 percent of total number of signatures required on state initiative petition have been filed.
– Prohibits Secretary of State from counting signatures obtained by persons who have been convicted of certain crimes or subject to penalty for violation of election law or rule.