Dorchester: Congress Duo & Hot Topics announced

dorchBy Christiana Mayer,

The Dorchester Conference is being held in Seaside Oregon from March 8th to March 10th. The conference will feature a variety of speakers, exciting issue discussions and break out session for those who attend. (NOTE: Dorchester is the second weekend of March not the first as in time past)

On Saturday, March 9th Congressman Greg Walden and Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers will address the delegates at the Dorchester Conference. Congressman Walden is the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) and represents 20 Counties in Eastern Oregon. Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers from Washington State’s Fifth Congressional Distirct and is the highest ranking woman in the Republican caucus. She is the vice-chairman of the Conference Committee. The Conference Committee is responsible for communicating the party’s message to caucus members.

State Representative John Davis will be the speaker at Saturday Night’s Dinner. Representative Davis was elected in November of 2012 in House District 26 in Oregon. He is also the immediate past president of Emerging Leaders for Oregon. “Davis gives us reason to believe that the future of the Oregon Republican Party is bright,” said Dan Mason President of Emerging Leader of Oregon. “I believe that he is the next star of the Oregon Republican Party” Mason added.

The issue discussions for the 2013 Dorchester Conference will include Marijuana Legalization; Guns & Mental Health; Big Corporations, Unions & Elections; and Republicans and the Fiscal Cliff. These are issues that are relevant and current. They are in the news and on the minds of our legislators in Salem. Legislators will be attending the conference and this is the perfect opportunity to find out where they stand on these issues and let them know your opinion as well This year’s issue discussions will provide an opportunity for strong opinions both pro and con.

The Dorechester Conference has been held for 49 years in Seaside Oregon and is the oldest conference of its type in the Pacific Northwest. For more information including registration details please go to

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  • Borechester

    “These are issues that are relevant and current”

    Dorchester has been neither relevant nor current for years. It’s degraded into an an annual migration of geriatric Republicans to Seaside. It’s gone from being led by political giants to being led by people who have no political significance whatsoever.

    • guest

      mairez and Borechester – you both whinny like Demjackasses tied to some left wing betwitch’n post! D’oh, untie your jackassicles and shift’m over to a BlueOrgasm trough and swill your wettest dreams there, shillgrims.

      Meanwhile, the GOP is still far better for U.S. that what’s left unsustainable Dem mental midget shenanigans and paradigms atop a heap of compost.

      • TakeAPill

        Forgot your meds again?

        • guest

          There was a time, like when Tom McCall governed, a common sense conservative OR was labeled a Gaza Strip between liberally progressive CA and WA.

          Today, after ‘tanking’ over Vic “Square-shooter” Atiyeh in ’87 – and, with Left Coast amalgamation ‘replete’ – the goody DNC Partisanschlep cruises stately along…despite observations of fuel leakage and other ‘disturbing’ evidences unaccounted for by the PERSers office – lo, causing taxpayers (taken for a ride) to become strung out in the doldrums.

          Yes, by all means, meds are in order, but prescribed by Dr. Taxhaber…asprin taken a with Rudy Crewlipop. OEA!

          That’ll work just fine. Ha!

      • Modicum of Sense

        Compost shipped to someone else’s neighborhood and at someone else’s expense.

  • mairez

    What a waste of time and $$$$.
    Why not spend that money broadening their base? This is just the usual big frog-small pond festival. This is why the Republicans are in such bad shape in Oregon.

    Unions and Elections is the only topic worth discussing. That, and voter fraud.

  • HBguy

    I think this years Dorechester could be the most important in years. As long as they don’t keep saying “rebranding” – I’d ban that phrase.

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