HB 3078 creates automatic tax raising machine

WatchdogHouse Bill 3078 creates automatic tax raising machine based on graduation rates 
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

House Bill 3078 would automatically enact tax increases and business excise taxes when graduation rates fall. Only liberals seem obsessed with rewarding our schools for failure and not their success. It is also a politicians’ dream of permanently raising taxes without ever having to take the human responsibility or moral courage to vote on it. Speaking of moral courage, the author of the HB 3078 bill remains a mystery at this point because it is another shadow anonymous bill that has no listed author. It appears most of the tax increase bills this year have been anonymous bills (See Tax bills sneak along in shadows).

Why are we victimizing taxpayers and small businesses for the failure of politicians and school bureaucrats? HB 3078 basically guarantees that bad principles, bad teachers and bad regulations will be locked into the system as we pay the bill on their failure (and our kids get trapped in a bad system).  HB 3078 is very similar to HB 2503 which would automatically raise your taxes by reducing tax deductions by a certain percentage to make up for cuts in state agencies.   Heck, why should politicians even show up to work with these bills?  They just love outsourcing the careless taking of our family income to a statutory tax raising scheme.

Here is the bill summary of House Bill 3078 and how it raises and lowers tax rates based on graduation rates.

Provides for increase in income and corporate excise tax rates if high school graduation rates fall below certain percentage. Provides for subsequent decrease in income and corporate excise tax rates, to rates in current law, if high school graduation rates are raised to certain percentage. Becomes operative when Superintendent of Public Instruction announces high school graduation rates that meet thresholds. Applies to tax years beginning on or after January 1 following announcement. Directs that revenues received due to imposition of income and excise tax rates above rates in current law are to be transferred to School Improvement Fund. Takes effect on 91st day following adjournment sine die.

Read entire text of HB 3078 here

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