Do Capitol Democrats Not See the Metaphor?

Last Friday, Democratic members of the House Health Care Committee hosted a panel of liberal interest groups that was moderated by the two Toms (Tom Burns and Tom Powers). And to get staff to attend the luncheon lecture on the massive government run health care bill (HB 2009) … “Free Pizza” was plastered on the email invitations. (Irony number one … serving pizza at a health care forum but I digress.). So … I show up at noon for my “free pizza” just in time as only 3 cheese slices remained to serve a long line of people still filing in. Yes … We’ve moved from rationed heath care to rationed pizza!!! They advertise a product as “Free” and shocking more people show that they expect. When we give GOVERNMENT the power to make health care “free” “¦ will I get a rationed slice? Or will I get no slice at all?