Brent Barton goes missing on critical CRC vote

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Oregon City, OR – Clackamas County Republicans yesterday raised questions about the absence of Rep. Brent Barton (D-Oregon City) on a key vote to authorize the $3 Billion Columbia River Crossing project.  Considering the project’s significance to ClackamasCounty, Republicans say House District 40 citizens have a right to know why Barton wasn’t at the Capitol to represent them.

“The Columbia River Crossing project will have a big impact on transportation and development in ClackamasCounty, yet Brent Barton was nowhere to be found,” said Clackamas County Republican Chairman John Lee.  “Barton’s absence on the CRC vote raises questions about who he actually represents. It’s unfortunate that Barton’s big-money law firm is a higher priority than his constituents.”

Republicans also questioned Barton’s priorities. Despite campaigning on job creation and school funding, they say he’s done nothing to help small businesses or pass real PERS reform to put more dollars in the classroom.

“Brent Barton likes to talk about the special interests that control Salem, but he’s shown unwillingness to buck the public employee unions that have funded his campaigns,” Lee said.  “Barton is AWOL on PERS reform, school funding and economic development.  House District 40 residents deserve more than a foot soldier for Democratic leaders and public unions, when he decides to show up for work.”

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  • T. Partee

    Seems Barton has an identity crisis. Wish him well, a position as an unstable hand on the DNC political anal mule farm.

  • 3H

    All that is missing is an outraged voice and a grainy photograph.

  • Francis Pettygrove

    This is what you get when you elect a spoiled punk to political office.

    • amen

      Brarack BarTongue ought be replace by someone like Jim Nicita who cannot be bought by PAC of lies specious interests.

      • guest

        Indeed, support Demosaur Barton’s recall. And as a special flavor, turn outlandish Conmissioneery Bernard back into a garage and wholly jumpin’ up and down Martha into Jim teacher @ Smart Pause Acadamy in OC.

  • oregongrown

    Re: ” Despite campaigning on job creation and school funding, they say he’s
    done nothing to help small businesses or pass real PERS reform”

    No, of course not. It was only necessary while campaigning to spout platitudes. He’s all talk. And we know just how cheap talk is.

    • T. Partee

      BlueOregon might still endorse Brent (no show) Barton but District 51 was better served by Linda Flores, at least in the minds of the 45% who voted for her and now quite possibly a deciding factor from Barton supporters who now see the blight.

  • EricW

    Barton probably knew the CRC vote will come back to haunt all the Clackamas area representatives after tolling I5 sends a traffic tsunami to I205.

    He showed far more political foresight than Davis, Parish and Kennemer. I’m much more bothered by their ‘yes’ votes than Barton’s disappearing act.

  • T. Partee

    Friar Barton ought be defrocked and his raiments reduced to cathartic hemp for those bound with Demwitty.

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