VP Biden gives expert advice on guns

by NW Spotlight

A few weeks ago VP Joe Biden told CBS viewer Kate to get a double-barreled shotgun – a 12-guage shotgun. He goes on to explain that he has advised his wife that if there’s trouble, walk out on the balcony and fire two blasts (thus emptying the double-barreled shotgun, leaving his wife defenseless against a threat…)

Additionally, U.S.News & World Report contacted attorneys in Biden’s home state of Delaware and learned that “Shooting a gun in the air could result in felony reckless endangering and aggravated menacing charges, in addition to misdemeanor charges.”

OK, but other than leaving his wife defenseless after having committed a felony, it’s still pretty good advice, isn’t’ it?

Biden continues “You don’t need an AR-15, it’s harder to aim, it’s harder to use, and in fact, you don’t need 30 rounds to protect yourself. Buy a shotgun. Buy a shotgun.”

Now someone has made a video based on the Vice President’s advice. The maker of this video shows that 12-guage shotguns may not be as easy to use as an AR-15.