Lars Larson: Stimulus used to buy guns for drug cartels

by Lars Larson

How do you think all that stimulus money got spent? Would you believe on sending guns to drug cartels in Mexico?

I certainly hope you’ve heard about Operation Gunrunner, you know this is one of those programs that the ATF put on, and it seems as though the conspiracy theorists may have been right.

The Obama administration hates guns. Obama hated them as a legislator in Illinois. Eric Holder, who is Attorney General, hates the idea of Americans owning guns, and they’d like to be able to take them away.

So to convince Americans, what do they do? They said: Well we’ve got all kinds of American guns coming from gun shows into the hands of drug cartels. Then they ordered the ATF to NOT stop suspicious sales being reported by Phoenix area gun sellers – ATF was just to track them. $10 million in stimulus money was used to fund this crazy project; that never actually ran down any of the cartels, but it did result in a number of deaths.

Is that the way you wanted your stimulus money spent?