Oregon among top 20 biggest spending states in the nation!

WatchdogOregon among top 20 biggest spending states in the nation!
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Census Bureau numbers show that total state & local government spending per capita places Oregon at the 17th biggest spending. SO WHY THE NEED FOR MORE TAXES!!

State & Local Spending Rank State Per Capita

1. Alaska,$20,830.40
2. Wyoming, $15,141.50
3. New York,$14,383.70
4. California, $11,542.80
5. Massachusetts, $11,151.30
6. New Jersey, $11,007.00
7. Washington,$10,884.20
8. Hawaii, $10,621.60
9. Delaware, $10,561.90
10. Louisiana, $10,544.30
11. Connecticut, $10,518.40
12. New Mexico, $10,418.00
13. Nebraska, $10,306.30
14. Minnesota, $10,284.90
15. Vermont $10,137.90
16. Rhode Island, $10,135.40
17. Oregon $9,935.40!!!!
18. Illinois $9,731.80
19. Pennsylvania $9,548.80
20. Maryland $9,525.10

Oregon taxpayers are sacrificing more of their livelihood than other Americans, so they deserve our thanks not more taxes to make it worse! Let’s balance the budget with what we have like other states and everyone can go home happy.

Note: U.S. Census Date is from Fiscal Year 2009 figures, and this ranking excludes the District of Columbia which outranks any state. Additional resources: United States Census Bureau. Christopher Chantrill USgovernmentspenidng.com and Taxpayer Foundation of Oregon.

  • Dan the Man

    It takes a lot of spending to keep that number 1 spot as the highest percentage of food stamp users when you can’t use your native natural resources anymore.

    • GretaN

      Is that why Alaska is #1?

      • GG

        Alaska is #1 because of the revenue sharing from oil production. Wyoming #2 because of revenue sharing from oil and coal. Same way Oregon counties used to get revenue from logging.

  • mike

    It takes a lot of money to provide for people who won’t provide for themselves. It is money well-spent, as people need homes, food, care, etc. regardless of whether they work or not.

    • guest

      Tom McCall’s intonation still applicable today to the visitors and succors who think we are a great socialista state.

  • DavidAppell

    Adjusted for inflation, per capita spending by Oregon state government peaked in 2006. It’s not [2011, the last month my source gives data for] 9% less….