Lars Larson on CO2

Every breath you take is going to be something the EPA wants to regulate in the future.

The news came down last Friday. The news we were expecting to hear. The federal government has now declared what you exhale as a regulatable gas. Carbon Dioxide””you breathe it out every single moment that you are alive.

Maybe that’s what the administration wants. Maybe we should all stop breathing, as well as stop driving cars, generating electricity, using electricity, or being the most productive nation on the planet earth.

Is there any other conclusion we can reach? The Barack Obama administration is confronting one of the biggest economic emergencies that this country has seen in decades. Yet, in the middle of all that they are going to make it extremely expensive to buy electricity, to use any form of energy, or to manufacture anything in the United States.

That’s going to be the best news for the United States of America? I don’t’ think so. And, carbon dioxide should not be viewed as a pollutant.

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