Lars Larson on a Cell Phone Ban

The Oregon Legislature is at it again, trying to ban your use of cell phones behind the wheel.

I know it’s irritating when you see people driving down the road not paying attention because they are talking on their cell phone. It’s irritating to me, and it’s dangerous as well, when I see people talking too much to their kids in the car. Or, not paying attention because they are smoking, drinking a cup of coffee or talking to other people in the vehicle.

I don’t think those things should be made illegal either. But it does appear at this point the Oregon Legislature is on track to ban talking on a cell phone unless you are using a hands-free device.

The fact is it’s not holding the cell phone that is distracting. If that were true it would be just as distracting to hold a cup of coffee, a CD or anything else you hold in a car. No, it’s the conversation that is distracting and that’s the thing the Oregon Legislature is not planning to ban.

It’s a dumb law and it shouldn’t get the Governor’s signature.

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