Sen. Knopp’s Medicaid Fraud Early Detection Act passes

Sen. Tim Knopp_thb

Sen. Tim Knopp

Act Could Save Oregon Millions of Dollars

Salem, OR – Yesterday, with Senator Tim Knopp’s leadership, the Oregon state senate unanimously voted to pass Medicaid Fraud Early Detection Act of 2013 (Senate Bill 753). Medicaid fraud has become a major issue for states nationwide, and recent advancements in new techniques to combat it could lead to the bill being named the sleeper bill of the 2013 legislative session. Medicaid Fraud Early Detection Act of 2013 could potentially save the State of Oregon millions of dollars each year with no cost to implement this element to the program.  It extends the latest in fraud fighting technology to preventing fraud before it happens, by reducing both improper payments, cost, and time involved with traditional “pay and chase” recovery.

“Being good stewards of Oregonians taxpayer resources requires us to make many tough choices” Sen. Knopp states. “While many of these policy choices can regress into partisan arguments, few have the bipartisan appeal of fighting fraud. Being vigilant against those that would game and cheat the people of Oregon is a policy area that I take very personally and it is why I stand before you today.  Senate Bill 753 is an effort to bring the latest in fraud fighting technology to the state of Oregon.”

Annually, the federal government estimates that state Medicaid programs forfeits around $18 billion dollars that is attributed to fraud, waste and abuse. Additionally Medicaid is expanding its coverage increasing the likelihood that more criminals will take resources away from those who truly need help. A recent Washington Post outlines the expansion “In Oregon alone, Medicaid is expected to enroll 400,000 new patients by 2022, nearly doubling its current numbers, according to an Urban Institute analysis.”

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  • paul

    This can’t be good. I have taken these fools for a ride for the last 10 years and made about $233,000 in profit from scamming the idiots.

  • Oregon Engineer

    PauI hope you have a day job you aren’t making a lot of money. 🙂
    I would not worry too much as the state and federal Gov already have laws in place to stop waste fraud and abuse. regular accounting audits would go a long way but they don’t even bother with those. Waste, Fraud , and Abuse have been eluding the government here in the US a lot longer than I can remember. One of the things K. Schrader was going to do was stop and eliminate Waste, Fraud, and Abuse. Hasn’t found those crooks yet.
    Look at the elected officials and you will find 90% of them.
    Another waste of paper and time just to point to something and say “See I did something. I deserve to be re-elected. I am a great politician” They do it with a straight face and the voters gobble it up.

    • Sum digression here

      US Rep Schrader, like OJ, committed to finding the real culprit? Meanwhile, Schrader’s ex, in need of a post divorce income, sits with what’s left on the Clackamas BCC. Former BCC member, Linninger, now serving an executive position with a political donor, OIW, for services rendered while a commisdioner. Still seated Bernard lie-able to be found suitable for a six figure seat at TriMet. As for Lehan, don’t know what’s in store for her, although getting her foot in door as a greeter at the Oak Grove Walmart might be suitable attending her shill level.

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