Editorial hits it home on Legislature failure

This is a must-read editorial from the Albany Democrat Herald

Albany Democrat Herald, Editorial,April 29, 2009

Oregon employment officials estimate that a quarter million people in this state were unemployed last month. The official jobless rate is 12.9 percent, a little less if you adjust it seasonally. From last March to last month, more than 90,000 payroll jobs in Oregon went poof. You would think such numbers would galvanize the legislature into a crash program to encourage employment. Aside from borrowing money to launch the series of public works projects, with a goal of 3,000 jobs, it has done no such thing. Instead, it continues with business as usual.

The Ways and Means Committee is traveling around the state seeking input on budget decisions. The House tax committee wants to cancel tax breaks enacted over the years to spur business and economic growth. The two chambers and their committees still consider various ways to add to the regulations that oppress Oregon life.

The legislature could at least look as though it realized that there is trouble, and not just in the state budget.

The governor and legislators could support federal plans to step up forest management and logging. Instead they oppose it.

The legislature could rescind its 2007 ban on near-shore oil exploration and offer a prize to any driller who found some.

Such actions would not show immediate results, but they would show that Oregon is interested in creating jobs.

They could vote to cut through the red tape and authorize private construction of the Bradwood Landing LNG terminal.

Lawmakers might also suspend a whole slew of employment laws with the eye toward making it easier to hire people in an uncertain economy.

What we get instead are bills adding to the penal laws and outlawing abuses as gross as using a cell phone in your car. And if employers happen to run afoul of an environmental law, the attorney general wants to put them in jail.


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  • Bob Clark

    Oregon is the Can’t-do-state. Kill the grass seed industry. Kill the commercial fishing industry. Kill the lumber industry. Kill farming by taking away water rights and holding farmers hostage to artificial restrictions on development and commerical use. Kill any attempts to grow private education industry.

    No surprise though. This is what unions do. They restrict entry and competition. Eventually they kill their host, like the auto unions did the Detroit auto industry, and the union leach dies eventually too.

    It’s such an unnecessary, painful process though.

  • Richard B

    I am seeing the effect of our Legislators folly in my apartment building. I know of three tenants are moving to other states.

  • PanchoPDX

    If Hasso Herring was the Oregonian’s editor I’d subscribe again.

  • Bill Sizemore

    Our fellow Oregonians elected this backwards legislature that likes to call itself progressive, so I guess we kind of get what we ask for. Too bad those of us who didn’t ask for it have to suffer along.

    Hasso, you have too much sense to take me up on this, but maybe youi ought to run for governor, add Bob Clarks comments to your already astute editorial and there’s your campaign.

    I really do think the confused souls running this whole sordid affair are doing so for the last time for a while and a person with common sense just might have a chance next time. How about it, Hasso? I don’t always agree with you, but you have more sound judgment in your little finger than that bunch running the current session.

  • Monie Talks

    We are powerless to do anything to thwart the destruction of our lives by the criminals and pirate captain of this ship. The overlords are to powerful to oppose. They are all drunk with power and money to see or care what they are doing to us. We are a bunch of dufus hicks being led by the nose to the cliff. We don’t need no stinking industry here in Oregon (alreadygone should be the states name) The government is the only industry that matters, that and the state park we call Oregon. Look but don’t touch. Don’t get me wrong, it does not matter what party is in control as they are both corrupt and full of poison. If we took control (in a fantasy world) we could turn it all around and live happily ever after. FAT CHANCE!

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