More attacks on Oregon water rights

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by Rep. Cliff Bentz

Oregon Senate to Consider $100 Water Right Fee

SALEM – On Monday, April 15, the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources will hold public hearings on Senate Bills 217 & 401. Work sessions (committee voting) have been scheduled for these bills on Wednesday, April 17. SB 217 imposes an annual management fee of $100 on “each primary and each supplemental water right held for waters of this state” pursuant to a permit, certificate, decree, or registration. SB 401 designates certain Oregon waterways as scenic pursuant to the State Scenic Waterways Act.

Representative Cliff Bentz (R-Ontario) strongly opposes both of these bills. The $100 annual fee set by SB 217 is arbitrary and unfair.

Scenic designation of waterways under SB 401 would preclude new wells and other water uses near those rivers and this would unreasonably burden private development on private land anywhere near a designated waterway.

Those that also oppose this legislation should contact these committee members and the committee administrator to share their position:

Senator Jackie Dingfelder ([email protected])
Senator Bill Hansell ([email protected])
Senator Mark Hass ([email protected])
Senator Alan Bates ([email protected])
Senator Alan Olsen ([email protected])

Beth Reiley – Committee Administrator ([email protected])

If you’re interested in appearing before the committee on Monday afternoon (April 15th), Rep. Bentz’s Salem office is able to assist in coordinating your appearance before the committee to ensure that your presence is expected. To avoid the possibility of driving hundreds of miles only to find that the hearing has been postponed or delayed, please stay in touch with Rep. Bentz’s Salem office. Any questions should be directed to his Salem office at (503) 986-1460 or [email protected].