Sales Tax Hearing: Ignoring voters with big tax grab to explode spending crisis

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Sales Tax Hearing (Ignoring voters with big tax grab making our spending crisis worse)
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Today the Senate Finance & Revenue Committee will be hearing SJR 36 & SB 824 which help advance the steps to create a sales tax in Oregon.   Here why it is a bad idea.

– Oregon voters have rejected a sales tax 9 times.   In the ultimate act of disconnect with the public, the politicians aim to revoke the will of the voters and then hand them the tax bill to pay for what they do not want.

– Sales taxes disproportionately impact the poor & seniors who live on a limited income compared to higher income individuals.

– Ultimately, the issue is about SPENDING and not TAXES, because no tax system imaginable can survive properly when politicians overspend themselves into bankruptcy. Oregon is ranked as the 17th highest spending state in the nation (per capita, state & local total spending). If politicians waste our money despite spending more than 33 other states — imagine how much more they will waste if we spend more than 50 states.   It will never get better if you keep upgrading our money mistakes!

– This sales tax debate comes at a time when Oregon faces a $14 billion government pension PERS debt which leads the public to believe tax reform is nothing more than a gigantic money grab to pay for a government money hole that politicians have no serious plan to fix.