PERS costs Oregon college students $849 a year!

House Republican Office

PERS costs college students

…And it’ll cost students even more next year.

According to Jay Kenton, vice chancellor for finance and administration for the Oregon University System, the “projected share of an individual student’s annual tuition going toward university staff retirement benefits for the 2012-13 year was $849.”

Kenton’s projection for the 2013-14 school year, should the Oregon Legislature implement no PERS reform, is $1,100.

It’s Time For Real PERS Reform. Our Students Deserve It.


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  • Jim S

    Don’t want to pay for staff wages and benefits, will they work for free after graduation? After big cuts will the university attract and retain those that give a degree a good reputation?

    • Period!

      PERS is over the top and it should be culled…beginning with the elimination of COLA’s and an ending of expletive scat like Mike Belloti and a whole host of individuals $ucking more than $80k annually.

      • ardbeg

        The average pers recipient in Mult county makes 28k. How is that over the top?

        • Period!

          Union member continuously employed private sector in Multnomah County over 35 yrs. Enjoying a pension increase to $28k would be nice but not going to happen. Also, no COLA ever collectively bargained for by AFL-CIO affiliate. Even then, long time well respected transportation employer was forced to close doors after being unable to meet expenses.

          In contrast, public employed kin early-retires at 55 on $25k and lives long enough for COLA to double govt annuity. Yeah, consider that while govt employer continually borrows usurious percentages to meet payroll and sustain superfluous entitlements, some even flush with sucking sounds from self serving Congressional toilet zones.

          Then there’s Social Security with so many holes in the dam system, well let’s not go there yet ‘cept to say in words paralleling POTUS #40 reviewing damage control: “Government does not solve problems, it subsidizes them.”

          And as for Oregon spending including a silken PERS – allowing 837 at least $100k with COLA’s climbing, how many retirees are upward bound from 28k, indeed, with crocodile tiers flowing and expecting ever more from a tax and spend system perilously hung up an unsustainable stairway to heaven.

          • .

            Buy the way, what’s your an$wer to that facutality, ardbeg?

    • Dave

      Looks like a photoshopped picture from a football game.

    • 3H

      Not to mention that tuition does not cover all the costs of their education. I guess that it’s OK that everyone else pays for them.

      Assuming the picture is even real.

      • guest

        Spoken like someone who often spews attending OC forum.

  • It’s very simple: PERS benefits were earned over many years of public service just like amounts in people’s savings accounts. These benefits are now being raided by the legislature. The above photo could be our grandchildren. Now we are too old and often ill to work again. Our earned pensions are being stolen and we can’t replace the money. The Oregon legislators are breaking the promise of previous legislatures. It’s like someone steals money from your savings account. The difference is that the legislators can pass laws to make stealing legal.

    • guest

      What a load! The legislature, judiciary and executive bunch drinks from the same trough as the public unionized pack of foxy raiders seeking more than their spoils from other people’s hard earned money – to boot, not having big gulp COLA’s to slake from either.

      Katy bar the deficitary pour the golly gee whiz bunch congregated at the state capital pissoire alarmingly aimed at private sector taxpayers.

  • perswatch

    About 74% of college students in the Oregon University system are
    in-state students. Their pre-college and community college educations
    cost me $984 in property taxes last year. After 25 years of clerical service in higher education I receive a PERS pension of $22,400/year, so I won’t be receiving a COLA thanks to the legislature. My monthly health insurance premium is now $703, leaving $1185/month for all other living expenses. Most would probably agree that this is a very modest income. No doubt inflation will eat up an ever larger share in future years. What Oregon needs is a lot more transparency showing just where the money is going. Areas that needs to be audited are travel and entertainment expenses, equipment and supplies purchases, and ineffective budget management and practices. I’d like to see salary and benefit cuts for all of the upper management. They are the ones really raking in the dough.

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