Blue Oregon uses xenophobia to censor Americans for Tax Reform

Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

Carla Axtman, a blog writer for Blue Oregon, is angry that Americans for Tax Reform sent a letter against the Multnomah County’s plan to balance their budget on the backs of car rental fee increases. READ IT HERE.

One of her arguments is that ATR should be censored from speaking on any tax matters because they are not located in this state. What do expert national organizations know anyways? By that silly logic I look forward to seeing her condemn all national liberal organizations that are not in Oregon who would express their opinion.

This liberal line is not new. In fact, many times when the Taxpayer Association testifies on taxes on the local level a mayor or city councilor will attack TAO on the same residency slander. Having supporters in a city is not enough, fiscal conservative groups must actually live in the city for which they are tesifying. But leave the bigger issues of land-use planning to neither people living in the city, or the country, and even in the state in many circumstances.

Here is the liberal rule: If you want to lower people’s taxes, let no outsiders give advice. If you want to raise taxes or take away their property rights, Second Amendment rights, school choice or health care choice, then swing the doors wide open and let everyone in Washington D.C. decide and empower them enough to overrule everyone else’s decision.

I would hope that Multnomah County Commissioners are not blinding themselves from learning about tax failures & success stories from other states especially since we are the second highest unemployment state in the nation!

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  • Sagano

    I didn’t even know there was a car rental fee tax. Now I know why it is so expensive.

  • John Fairplay

    Liberals – like those at Blue Oregon – do not believe in the rights guaranteed in the U.S. constitution such as free speech and freedom of assembly, except as it applies to them. The constitution says nothing about a person having to live in a particular place to comment on events there.

    Experience and wisdom are important and need to be passed along to the ignorant. Using Blue Oregon’s “logic” a parent would have to say, “I’m sorry Sally, I can’t tell you not to commit suicide because I haven’t committed suicide.”

  • Sagano

    well said! LOL

  • Rupert in Springfield

    “You can’t comment on taxes because you are from out of state”

    Notice how this is straight out of the book Rules for Radicals?

    Attack the person, not the idea. Its a pretty simple play book and the left uses is on virtually every issue.

    Don’t agree with the AGW believers? You are not living in reality.

    Don’t agree with Obama’s spend our way out of debt philosophy? You are un-American and should die like Rush Limbaugh.

    What those who are interested in freedom need is a counter to this ridiculous strategy.

    I for one think that simply holding up a copy of “Rules for Radicals” in the persons face and saying “Congratulations, you can read, you read a book. Now, would you care to address the argument or would you be more happy if we got you another book to read?”

  • Carla Axtman

    Xenophobia? That’s seriously where you’re going?

    ATR wasn’t told they COULDN’T comment because they didn’t live in the state. In fact, they weren’t told anything resembling the idea that they couldn’t comment.

    I asked if either Cobb or Norquist had visited Oregon in an attempt to glean whether or not they understood the issues unique to Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas Counties. That seems like a basic starting point for understanding and advocating for public policy in a locality.

    This is lame, even for you guys. At least make an attempt to understand the point….sheesh.

    • jay Bozievich

      Nice try Carla,

      From Carla’s post on BO: “I can’t tell if the guy has ever even stepped foot in Oregon or cares one whit about our economic issues. I’ve left a message for him, however. Perhaps he’ll call me back and we can find out.

      Either way, thank for the advice Grov and Kel, but I think the locals can take it from here. When Multnomah County wants your help, I’m willing to bet they’ll ask for it.”

      Not quite asking if they visited Oregon to assertain the local specifics around the issue. I would say it was more like, “Hey, your not from here so butt out!”

      ATR’s point was that local residents account for most the car rentals, which if you think about it is not hard to believe. As someone who has had to rent a car after hitting a deer or when I had family visiting and needed lots of seats and 4-wheel drive to go skiing, I can. You do not have to live in or have visited a locality to be able to point that out to elected officials who have publically stated that the tax was not going to impact the local residents because tourist would be paying it. Where the person is from that makes that observation that the tax will be impact the local economy is not germane to the point that it will.

      But, nice try Carla.

    • Anonymous

      Meds out of balance again, Carla?

  • Carla Axtman

    Not quite asking if they visited Oregon to assertain the local specifics around the issue. I would say it was more like, “Hey, your not from here so butt out!”

    No..I’m saying they’re not from here and they don’t care about our issues..there for they should butt out. If you read ALL of my piece, you’ll see I also note that they don’t have only two small snippets of information about Oregon on the ATR website.

    You do need to be from this region (or at least have a good, working understanding of it) to know that the ATR argument doesn’t wash. We’re not like Kansas City here. ATR was saying that people will just hop over to Washington or Clackamas to rent a car if it costs more in Multnomah. The PDX airport situation and the proximity of rental car agencies in the tri-county region aren’t conducive to that here.

    Btw..I asked them if they’d ever lived OR VISITED here. Apparently they’ve done neither, if I’ve understood Cobbs’ answer to the question. And they obviously haven’t done their homework on the Mult/Clack/Wash County part of Oregon.

  • Carla Axtman

    Oh..sorry. I tried to use HTML in the comment above and experienced an epic fail.

    • Anonymous

      You are an epic fail.

  • Zero

    I feel that the central issue is being lost here. That is how is Multnomah County going to pay for their shortfall, or how should they cover it. Budgets are being balanced as we speak. Everyone should be offering up ideas.

  • Kari Chisholm

    I’m not going to get into the substance here, but it’d be much appreciated if y’all blamed/credited Carla for her comments here – rather than saying “BlueOregon says…” or any such nonsense.

    BlueOregon is not a person. It has no opinions. As we’ve said from the beginning, BlueOregon won’t endorse causes or candidates. BlueOregon won’t even go out for donuts.

    BlueOregon is merely a collection of bytes on a server, or if you like, pixels on a screen. Our bloggers have their own opinions, and they’re responsible for them individually, rather than as a collective.


  • counterpoint

    If anyone bothers to read the whole train, nowhere did Carla or “Blue Oregon” state that Americans for Tax Reform should not be allowed to submit a comment to the County on the proposed tax increase. And in any case, they have no power to prevent anyone from exercising their free speech rights.

    As is often the case, we have much ado about absolutely nothing on the Catalyst.

  • Catalyst Editor

    – Yes, Kari you are correct on your point. Pardon the broad brushstrokes. Will adjust article soon and be mindful in the future.

  • Jerry

    Anyone renting a car should pay more in taxes. They are from out of town, so can help us deal with our budget shortfalls due to wanton waste and careless spending by state and local governments.

    This is a no-brainer.

  • Harry

    Carla and Jerry are correct.

    “Anyone renting a car should pay more in taxes. They are from out of town, so can help us deal with our budget shortfalls…”


    So true. The idiot car renters are out of towners (who don’t understand our unique situation here in PDX-ville).

    Tax ’em to the max!! (no pun intended, but on 2nd thought, maybe lets tax everybody till they go on MAX! Rental cars are evil!!)

    Can we just have an out-of-towner tax and get eveybody all at once?

    Go Carla!! You rock girl!!! Hooray for Kari!!! BO rocks!!!

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