Blue Oregon uses xenophobia to censor Americans for Tax Reform

Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

Carla Axtman, a blog writer for Blue Oregon, is angry that Americans for Tax Reform sent a letter against the Multnomah County’s plan to balance their budget on the backs of car rental fee increases. READ IT HERE.

One of her arguments is that ATR should be censored from speaking on any tax matters because they are not located in this state. What do expert national organizations know anyways? By that silly logic I look forward to seeing her condemn all national liberal organizations that are not in Oregon who would express their opinion.

This liberal line is not new. In fact, many times when the Taxpayer Association testifies on taxes on the local level a mayor or city councilor will attack TAO on the same residency slander. Having supporters in a city is not enough, fiscal conservative groups must actually live in the city for which they are tesifying. But leave the bigger issues of land-use planning to neither people living in the city, or the country, and even in the state in many circumstances.

Here is the liberal rule: If you want to lower people’s taxes, let no outsiders give advice. If you want to raise taxes or take away their property rights, Second Amendment rights, school choice or health care choice, then swing the doors wide open and let everyone in Washington D.C. decide and empower them enough to overrule everyone else’s decision.

I would hope that Multnomah County Commissioners are not blinding themselves from learning about tax failures & success stories from other states especially since we are the second highest unemployment state in the nation!