Rep Kim Thatcher Pushes Voter ID Verification Effort

By State Representative Kim Thatcher,

(Salem) An effort to increase voter identification verification was promoted by State Representative Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer, St. Paul, Newberg) this evening during a hearing on House Bill 2386. “There is a growing movement across the country to crack down on voter fraud and to enhance the integrity of the system by requiring voter identification,” Thatcher testified to the Senate Committee on Rules. The amendments proposed by Representative Kim Thatcher would require Oregonians to provide a drivers’ license or other identification in order to register to vote for the first time. This would bring Oregon in line with the federal Help America Votes Act (HAVA), which calls for voters to provide similar information. Thatcher pointed out, “the HAVA requirement only applies to federal elections”¦ your voter file is flagged”¦ you can’t vote in federal elections but for state races and ballot measures your ballot is counted.” According to state officials nearly 2500 Oregonians did not have their votes counted in federal races last November because they had not provided proper identification.

House Bill 2386 sets up a new online voter registration system in Oregon, which includes verification of the voter’s drivers’ license information. The current Oregon Voter Registration Card contains specific language which reads, “new laws require that people must provide identifying information to register to vote.” That information is also posted on the State Elections Division website and it refers to the HAVA requirement. Representative Kim Thatcher feels the same ID verification standards should apply to those registering by mail or in person.

“Voting is one of the most sacred democratic practices in our country. We have no problem flashing our photo ID to cash a check or rent a video,” explained Thatcher. “We should be proud to participate in a process that includes security systems to protect our identification and ensure our ballot is properly counted.”

Voter fraud has been an issue in other parts of the country and voters are now required to produce identification before they can vote in 24 states. Thatcher noted, “since Oregon doesn’t have elections at the polls where people can show their ID, it is even more important to institute safeguards when people first register to vote.” Some form of early voting in-person or by mail is now offered in 30 other states.

Senator Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day) mentioned the problems in King County Washington with the number of ballots exceeding the number of voters, and the more than 80,000 phony drivers’ licenses potentially issued in Washington County a few years ago. “Wouldn’t it be reasonable to put the same sort of safeguards onto first time registrants that we would with drivers’ licenses?” asked Ferrioli.

HB 2386 will be back up for a hearing on Friday, May 15th in the Senate Rules Committee at 10:30AM in Hearing Room C at the State Capitol. Representative Kim Thatcher served on the House Elections, Ethics and Rules Committee for four years; she’s currently working on HAVA implementation, and sponsored several election reform measures.


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  • Anonymous

    This is a “solution in search of a problem.” Billy Bradbury said so and I’m sure what’s his/her name will echo same.

  • Anonymous

    The simple solution would be to do away with “vote by mail” and the problem would go away!

    • Anonymous


  • UB

    ‘Insurgents’ love vote-by-mail – and, I for US on occasion, simply refuse to fathom insurgents without water boarding them first!

    Like ACORN, a probable insurgent enmity, more unlawful people post votes than the duly-registered-disabled citizens who virtually ‘merit’ public assistance to and from the polls when called upon to do so.

    • Rupert in Springfield

      It must be nice to speak a second language.

      • UB

        My take in plain English: Vote by mail is NOT a panacea. The former system is safer from fraud and works best.

        • Rupert in Springfield

          Oh ok, yes I completely agree with you. Frankly I think in person voting first of all eliminates a substantial amount of fraud and second confines voting to those who actually give a damn. I do think it should take some minimal effort to participate in the voting process. Stopping by a polling station hardly seems an imposition. Still, vote by mail does help the Democrats for obvious reasons, thus one can understands their enthusiasm.

  • Jerry

    Good luck. Dems want the dead and the incarcerated to vote and vote often.
    This will never pass in Oregon.

  • skippy

    A cup of coffee, a ballot, and silence while I vote free from political noise makers trying to influence my vote. No lines. My balllot is safely locked up. I can observe the counting process and the rejected signature process. Hats off to the county clerks all over Oregon. The first poster got it right. Thatcher is offering a solution looking for a problem.

    • Anonymous

      Obviously you don’t understand a facetious post. Skip right along your naive way sonny.

  • Anon R

    Go Kim Go! Funny how this country does have secure voting in 1/2 of the states and was OK’d by every liberal activist judge/court there is buuuut, some powerful people here do not think this is needed. hmmm, something smells fishy here.

    Is there a political party here that wants Dead people, Criminals and Illegal aliens to vote locally? Afraid they may lose power if only Americans can vote? hmmm.

    Is this why Dave Hunt, House leader, spoke at the Illegal alien rally? Is he planning ahead or already knows who can and IS voting?

    2,500! voted locally, but not qualified to vote Federally?

    Could this be why the AG industry (#1 employer of Illegal’s) spent so much money on Linda Flores opponent? hmmm…

  • UB

    Dave Hunt is the State Rep where where I reside. He’s full of Dem malarkey and possessed with an ego bent on moving out of Gladstone and into to Mahonia Hall. He’s a career politician and that’s enough reason to not support him.

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