Taxpayer Association Update: More attacks on charter schools

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

Senate Bill 767 is another attempt to add more constraints on charter schools and virtual charter schools in particular. Senate Bill 767 was introduced at the request of Confederation of Oregon School Administrators, American Federation of Teachers-Oregon, Oregon School Employees Association, Oregon Education Association. The bill requires virtual charter schools to hire only licensed teachers. It also prevents increased enrolment unless 50% or more of the students are from the district in which the virtual charter school is located. The bill also requires the President of the Senate to set up a work group to evaluate virtual charter schools and produce a report that may include recommendations for legislation in the 2010 session. The membership on this work group will probably be loaded with anti charter school members. This just one more attack on charter schools and especially virtual charter schools.

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    One would think that at some point the teachers unions would get a little embarrassed at constantly fighting every education attempt that doesn’t feather their nest. These people are shameless.

  • Jeff Caton

    last week I sent the following email and suggest others do also:

    Dear Senators Courtney, Metsger, and Devlin

    It has come to my attention that Senator Devlin is sponsoring a bill to effectively stop online charter schools in Oregon for the next two years. This is very disappointing to hear. As a parent of grade school children I’ve been looking for public education alternatives to help my science focused grade school student. An online charter school seems to be a good alternative. However; Senate Bill 767 will significantly harm the public education system, and specifically charter school alternatives, as a viable public education source for my family and many others in our state.

    As an adjunct college professor of business and economics I’ve seem our public college’s transition to online classes for our state college students. If it is good enough for our Oregon State Universities and Community College students, why is it not good enough for our k-12 students?

    Please reconsider the consequences of what Senate Bill 767 will do to our state education system and reputation around the country and the world. Stop Senate Bill 767!

    Respectfully Yours,

    Jeffrey Caton – MBA, PMP, CBM, CGEIT, LTC, EA
    Caton & Associates, LLC – The Tax and Mortgage Office
    C: 503-307-2756

  • OC_Ski

    Shame on them. The Oregon Education Associations will do whatever it takes to retain control of Oregon’s education systems. The OEA’s letter in favor of SB767 published by the Oregonian fully exposed the lies the OEA tells to gain favor.

    It’s amazing how the OEA finds reason to attack schools in the very same cause they were created.

    – Virtual Schools are attracting 1000’s of students across the state
    – Virtual Schools can run on less money
    – Parent’s of students are highly involved
    – Charter/Virtual schools aren’t required to employ 100% certified teachers
    – Children have flexibility to pursue other interests
    – Parent’s can keep a close eye on what is being taught
    – School choice is not restricted by physical distances
    – Students become metacognitive, thus less dependent on teachers and administrators
    – Seat time is not a high priority
    – Virtual schools are exceeding performance and compliance requirements

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