Lars Larson on Online Charter Schools

Barack Obama wants to reform schools. I’ve got a great idea for him and it’s already been proved in Oregon. It’s called Online Charter Schools.

It doesn’t work for every student, but Online Charter Schools have teacher to student ratios of as high as 50 to 1. That’s 50 students and one teacher.

How does it work? Well, the kids stay at home. They learn at their own rate. Most of it’s done on computer but they still get a chance to see live lectures and ask the teacher questions. Yet, it’s very efficient because bricks and mortar costs are cut down to virtually nothing.

How well has it worked? There is one Online Charter School in Oregon that has a couple of thousand students and it has worked out very well. They are getting top test grades.

Is it for everyone? No, but could we cut the bricks and mortar costs, transportation costs, and increase the learning and the flexibility for Americans families? Absolutely.

Online Charter Schools are a great way to reform American education.

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