Oregon Jobs Caucus forms to push job-creating bills


Oregon Senate Republican Office

Salem, OR – After three months without action on any significant job-creating bills, Senate members are inviting legislators to join a bi-partisan, bi-cameral caucus to advocate for bills that can help spur economic growth.

“The clock is ticking, and we believe the window for action is now,” said Senator Tim Knopp (R-Bend). “We are inviting Democrats and Republicans to band together and pass legislation that will help foster family wage jobs across Oregon. Oregon has the potential to be an economic powerhouse, if we have the vision to get there.”

Most members of the legislature ran on promises to create family wage jobs in Oregon. Senate Republicans have been calling for action on job-creating legislation, even sending Senate President Peter Courtney (D-Salem) a menu of bills that could earn bi-partisan support. Bills sponsored by the majority party that would help create private sector jobs have not been voted on. The group hopes to pursue any jobs bill from either party that help small businesses grow and add more employees.

“Oregon’s recovery has been too slow and has left too many communities in Oregon behind,” said Senator Bruce Starr (R-Hillsboro). “We aren’t satisfied with a mediocre economy, we don’t want to settle for anything other than one of the regions lowest unemployment and highest average family wages.  Oregon has an abundance of opportunity, we want to help Oregonians capitalize on it.”

Knopp, Starr, Senator Betsy Close (R-Albany/Corvallis), Senator Jeff Kruse (R-Roseburg) and Senator Herman Baertschiger (R-Grants Pass), Senator Chuck Thomsen (R-Hood River) and Senator Alan Olsen (R-Canby) are extending an invitation to other Senate members to join them as members of the Oregon Jobs Caucus. The caucus will focus on developing an agenda and strategy to move private sector job creating legislation through the legislative process.

Among the bills Senate Republicans have been asking the President to move are bills that help businesses buy new equipment through accelerated depreciation, encouraging them to enlarge their operations and add new employees; a bill to allow the Governor to exchange tax predictability for economic investment in the state with all Oregon businesses; and a bill to allow for withdrawal of excess water from the Columbia River to boost agricultural production in Eastern Oregon.

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  • scatcatpdx

    Oh hum more fallacy that government can create jobs

    here my fast few

    1. stop obsessing over factory jobs, the future is service from product development to logistics. it is not the 1950’s
    2. Stop fretting about family wags,. I got newsflash: we singles outnumber families so get use to it, and we need to work too.

    3. Best thing you can do stay out of business’ way.

  • DavidAppell

    I thought government was just supposed to get out of the way and let the Randians create jobs, because, you know, they’re simply awesome….

  • JacklordGod

    The last time we went through these fools creating jobs all we got were Green Welfare programs to siphon funds from taxpayers to scammers setting up windmills, solar panel factories and electric cars. In the end we got bankruptcies (surprise! solar panels are cheaper to produce in China) with the well connected walking off with the loot.

    Please, leave this sort of thing to the professionals. In other words hot dog vendors and coffee stand owners. It might not be much, but some guy working an honest job making $10 an hour selling a latte is worth far more than yet another campaign donor walking off with millions and sticking the rest of us with a solar panel factory to clean up. Thanks.

    • DavidAppell

      Any job that isn’t “green” transfers costs from corporations to taxpayers.

      In other words, it’s the dreaded “socialism.”

      Usually (so-called) conservatives are opposed to socialism — unless, it seems, it benefits corporations at the expense of taxpayers. Then they’re all for it.

      Conservatists sure are pretty confused these days, aren’t they?

      • JacklordGod

        “Any job that isn’t “green” transfers costs from corporations to taxpayers.”

        Could you provide some proof of this? Because I have a litany of Green Welfare programs that transferred 100% of their costs to taxpayers. I mean just the Oregon ones would be a pretty long list. Nationally? forget about it.

        I would say nice try here, but this is an incredibly weak try.

  • WHAT THEY SHOULD KNOW FOR A START; Soften youth employment
    regulations/laws so that when the kids get an academic technical education they already know how to work and have been introduced to the reality of working for that which is now earned and not given.

    A MIDDLE; Reinstitute working private sector people participating in ‘career days’ at every school.
    Reduce regulations which increase capital startup costs (sunk costs) for new businesses in Oregon.

    A FINISH; Re-create Oregon as a Rigth to Work State. Non Union work is how we became productive in the 40’s to the ’70s and how we got will bring Oregon back as competitive producer in the world wide markets.

    tim k smith

    • DavidAppell

      The purpose of academic education is to teach students how to think
      critically, not to train them to be workers of a certain mold.

      Non Union work is how we became productive in the 40’s to the ’70s

      Actually this was when unions were the strongest, and when the middle class grew the most robustly. Not so much since, huh?

      • .


        • DavidAppell

          Thanks for agreeing with me.

          • .

            Don’ tank me, mein d’oh bawl and free bong Easterner flim flam alah kazam’r!

      • JacklordGod

        Whenever your purported PhD starts to kick in on that critical thinking lets us know will you David? Really the only thinking you seem to do these days is “How can David Appell get everyone else to pay for his health insurance and writing career”.

  • mike

    All these idiots have to do to spur job growth is get out of the way!

  • Government does not create jobs. Government can create a environment that encourages jobs.
    1. Stable tax rates
    2. Minimal state spending.
    3. An education system that encourages skills acquisition in addition to merely thinking. We have enough philosophers, sociologists, and lawyers. We need computer operators, software and floor workers. We need skilled machinists, and other skilled workers. We need trained medical workers. We need entrepreneurs. To name a few. And yes workers that will work and not obsess about a certain mold, a mold that says you earn what you have and not to worry about what you can get from government.

    • DavidAppell

      Of course government creates jobs, both directly and by its spending. Right now about 21.8 million people work for U.S. governments, doing work that needs to be done.

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