House elects new caucus leaders: Olson, Cameron, Wingard, Freeman

By Oregon House Republican Office,

SALEM—House Republicans tonight elected new leadership for 2011. The caucus selected Rep. Andy Olson (R-Albany) as their Co-Speaker Pro Tempore nominee. Rep. Olson will serve with designated Republican Co-Speaker Bruce Hanna (R-Roseburg) in presiding over the House with Democratic officers. Rep. Kevin Cameron (R-Salem) was elected the new House Republican Leader. Rep. Matt Wingard (R-Wilsonville) will serve as Deputy Republican Leader and Rep. Tim Freeman (R-Roseburg) will serve as Republican Whip. Rep. Cameron, entering his fourth term in the House, said he looks forward to leading Republicans in the chamber, which has a 30-30 partisan split for the first time in state history.

“House Republicans are prepared to help lead Oregon to a better future,” Rep. Cameron said. “We’re honored to serve, and we’ll work to pass an effective agenda to create more jobs and reform state government.”

After gaining six seats in the 2010 election, the House Republican caucus will have a total of nine new members serving in the Oregon Legislature. Rep. Wingard said these freshman legislators will bring fresh perspectives and new solutions to the issues.

“Oregon will be well-served by the professionals and small business owners who are entering the House for the first time,” Rep. Wingard said. “We’re pleased to have a freshman class with the skills and ideas needed to change Salem and put Oregon back on the right track.”

Rep. Freeman said House Republican leadership will give all members a role in developing policy and making state agencies more efficient.

“We’re pleased to return to the Capitol with a larger and more diverse caucus,” Rep. Freeman said. “Our leadership will utilize the talents and real-world experience of all our members to advance our 2011 agenda for jobs and reform. Our members are ready to get to work for Oregon.”