Update on the Oregon gun bills


by Sen. Jeff Kruse & Rep. Jim Thompson

Sen. Jeff Kruse (R-Roseburg)

I am still getting a lot of emails about the gun bills, and there is really not a lot known at this point in time. We do know the bills, if they are brought to the floor for a vote, will all fail. There are still some in the Democratic caucus who want us to take the vote. The potential target date might be next Wednesday, but nothing is certain at this point in time. My personal position is, bring them on. I would like to defeat these bills on the floor.

Rep. Jim Thompson (R-Dallas)

After  a hearing last week in Senate Judiciary, Sen. Floyd Prozanski moved four bills out of committee which would modify Oregon’s regulations on gun control.  The measures are:

Senate Bill 700 Which requires a background check when a gun is transferred (excluding transfers to family members)
Senate Bill 347 prohibits guns in K-12 school buildings unless the a local district opts out of the measure
Senate Bill 699 prohibits openly carrying guns in the Oregon State Capitol
Senate Bill 796 ensures those who get a license to carry a concealed weapon complete training in classroom setting

These bills will be debated next on the Senate Floor.   No date has been set.

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  • DavidAppell

    Since most gun deaths take place in the homes of people who own guns…how many additional deaths will result from these proposed bills?

    I hope these representatives will provide these numbers for us.

    • JacklordGod

      Likely none. Essentially every study and example shows that when guns are prohibited people simply find another means to commit suicide (most gun deaths are suicide). Australia being the prime example. Since you couldn’t even be bothered to check this basic fact, one has to ask if you really give a damn about the issue. Obviously you don’t.

      • .

        The Appell-ape court derides again. davidappell.blogspot.com

        • .

          DA, a Foghorn Leghorn or Leghold Forum – Eyeore, a jack’d sass branch Davidian Snapplecrit or a Marshall Applewhite half bright out chasing comet tales and entnice uddrers unto his CiderHouse drools. Oy!

          • DavidAppell

            Are you from Earth?

          • .

            You bet your sweet bippy. Now say goodnight, Dick!

        • DavidAppell

          Thanks for the link and the added traffic.

  • DavidAppell

    “I killed my friend; no one else did; no mechanism did. But this oversimplifies matters (as does the gun control advocates’ position that eliminating weapons will end violent crime).

    “My friend was killed by a man who misunderstood guns, who imagined that comfort with — and affection for — guns was a vital component of manhood. I did not recognize a gun for what it was: a machine constructed for a purpose, one in which I had no real interest. I treated a tool as an essential part of my identity, and the result is a dead man and a grieving family and a survivor numbed by guilt whose story lacks anything resembling a proper ending.”

    — Bruce Holbert, “Sleeping With Guns,” NY Times 4/27/13

    • .

      DA, take your kink back to NY andkiss Baloonburg where your song is sublime. Copy!

  • JacklordGod

    The big problem the left has here is trying to tie any of the measures with any real impact on crime.

    Background checks are a little bogus, because one thing learned in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting is we have a little over a dozen successful prosecutions nationally for failing BG check/attempting to purchase. Hardly a lot of crime control going on there.

    Prohibiting guns in K-12 schools? they are already prohibited except for concealed carry? Do we have a spate of CCL holders shooting up schools? Nope, another dead end,

    Prohibiting open carry in the state capital? Personally I cannot remember an open carry person doing much of anything anywhere, let alone the state capital. However I would support requiring open carry holders in the state capital to wear a 10gal hat and say phrases using the word tarnahsin’ (“What in tarnashin is goin on here?”) just for the humor value.

    Requiring classroom training for a CCL. Already required. Maybe read the law before proposing new ones?

    • DavidAppell

      Obviously, the security of schools or the state capital should depend on Rupert Afraid-to-use-his-last-name’s recollections of violence there.

  • No new gun laws! These proposed laws will not impact crime. Enforcing the laws on the books will. This is just another step toward confiscation.

  • DavidAppell

    Kentucky Shooting: Boy, 5, Shoots And Kills 2-Year-Old Sister, Police Say


    The gun nuts are responsible for these kinds of deaths, which they prefer to ignore….

    • .

      Accidents happen, like your conception and the aftermath that ‘peers not to not compute.

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