Lars Larson on the Federal Timber Money

Last year Lane County and all the other “timber dependent” counties were out there begging for federal timber dollars. They said they couldn’t possibly get by without all that money. Finally, Congress acquiesced and put them back on the dole. So, what are they doing with them now?

The fact is none of those counties should get a dime till they start logging trees again. As long as we have the eco-free tree huggers in Oregon who refuse to allow any cutting in the forest, the money shouldn’t flow. But, Congress gave them the money.

What’s Lane County doing with it now? Well, they certainly aren’t opening up any new jail space. No, the County Commissioners (at least some of them in Lane County) have decided to hire more staff for themselves. To put more people on the public payroll. To give them those benefits that are so much better than your benefits in health, and welfare, and pension funds.

Are they opening any new jail cells? They wouldn’t hear of it. Not in Lane County. Not in a lot of counties.

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