Lars Larson on new entitlements

Oregon lawmakers came up with one brand new entitlement this session, and you the taxpayers would have paid for it.

Oregon has so many idfferent entitlements. There are people who think that health care is a right. Why not food? Why not housing? Why not ever other necessity? Now we have decided that time off with your family should be a “right” as well.

The legislature debated a bill that would have raised $36 million in new taxes on Oregon workers. What for? To pay for people having babies or taking time off for a sick family member. They will be paid $250 a week, for as long as six sweeks, at your expense.

You see, these are people who have not prepared for themselves. These are people who have not put away their own money, so that when they have a sick family member or a brand new baby that they could pay for their own time off. So they have figured out a way for you to do it for them.

The problem is — what do you do when you run out of people to tax?

This is Lars Larson of NW Reports.