North Korea launches another missle. What can Obama do?

North Korea launched another missile this week. Sanctions have not worked. Appeasement has not worked. It seems President Obama has little options, yet the situation is getting worse. What will the President do? What should he do? What about Japan and Russia?

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    Well for Gods sake don’t get into another round of negotiations with these lunatics. There isn’t a whole lot BO Co. can really do at this point with North Korea at this point. Frankly the best thing to do would be to put our efforts into reconnaissance intel and bottling up weapons exports from the country. North Korea has nukes, fine, at this point lets keep us from selling them or importing goods to make more through interdiction.

    The down side of this is it could force confrontation with importers of NK weapons, and its reasonable to assume BO Co. would regard this as a distraction from the domestic agenda so it is doubtful there would be any follow through.

    An interesting wildcard is Taiwan. Japan and South Korea may decide to go nuke, as would be perfectly reasonable to do. Would Taiwan follow suit? If so, one can bet the Chinese will start getting real cranky real quick.

    Perhaps the best thing would be to take a lesson from the whole experience.

    1 – Expect regimes that murder their own people are probably also willing to lie to you at the bargaining table.

    2 – Realize that negotiations with lunatics are something of a foolish endeavor.

    For the short term I think BO Co. will ignore the issue so as not to detract from the domestic agenda. Democratic presidents will do anything to establish a legacy and for them that legacy means massive spending programs at home. You get bogged down in foreign crises, you turn into Carter real quick. Unfortunately the downside of ignoring problems abroad is it empowers our enemies as we saw under Clinton.

    • contrarian

      A rare agreement with Rupert as far as his first paragraph goes. NK is a pipsqueek and the last Stalinist holdout. Time is not on the side of that regime. Contain them and wait them out patiently. We have all the wars we need and then some right now anyway.

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