The dangerous, arrogant abuse of power

President Obama B_thb

by Dan Lucas

People who are granted extensive power over our lives need to understand that power and they need to understand the equally extensive responsibilities that come with that power. Abuses of that power must be met with swift and harsh discipline.

The Obama administration has shown a dangerous ignorance of the power they have been granted by the American people, and an equally dangerous willingness to abuse that power for petty political pursuits.

It literally took my breath away when the White House introduced [email protected] back in 2009. What a chilling effect on the public discourse, and what an astonishing abuse of power. For me, it brought back memories of what I’d seen the former East Germans and Soviets do to keep their populaces in line.

The most recent examples of abuses of power are very disturbing and represent threats to some very fundamental cornerstones of what keeps us a free society.

These abuses should be thoroughly investigated and anyone involved should be disciplined to the fullest extent of the law. Additionally, new safeguards need to be put in place to prevent these types of abuses in the future. These are serious, dangerous abuses of power.