HB 3317-A: Gives the unelected power to raise phone taxes

 Cartoon explains politicians war on votersHB 3317-A: Gives unelected people the power to raise telecommunication taxes
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

HB 3317 would give the Department of Revenue the power to raise back-door taxes on some of Oregon’s most vulnerable citizens.  It is one thing for lawmakers to raise taxes, it is another for them to hand their taxing power over to unelected government agencies and officials and tell them to go after our tax dollars.  With HB 3317, this bill it gives the Department of Revenue power to raise taxes on people who use pre-paid cell phones and people who make calls over the internet (VOIP).  This changes our system of taxation with representation to taxation with bureaucratization.  The power to raise taxes should only be given to our elected officials.

Many people use these prepaid phone and online phone services because they are desperate to save money.   Yet, HB 3317 would end up raising their taxes and the cost of having a phone service which is not always within the reach of ordinary Oregonians.    Vote No on HB 3317
Summary of HB 3317-A:  “Extends period of applicability of emergency communications tax.  { + For purposes of collection of tax, requires Department of Revenue to undertake enhanced enforcement and collection activities, with emphasis on collection by providers of tax owed on prepaid and Voice over Internet Protocol services. Directs department to report to Legislative Assembly regarding enhanced enforcement and collection activities. Increases percentage of revenues from tax paid to department for administrative costs. Applies to calendar quarters ending on or after effective date of Act.”