Metro’s local option levy loses in 2 of 3 counties

vote-ballotby Bob Clark

Measure 26-152, Metro government’s local option levy for natural areas, passed overwhelmingly in Multnomah County but narrowly failed in both Washington County and Clackamas County (as of last count yesterday, which is likely to hold).  The overwhelming numbers in Multnomah County trump the narrow defeats in Washington and Clackamas counties, and so, Measure 26-152 becomes law.  For the average Portland home, the levy amounts to $15 to $20 per year.

About 60% of voters in Multnomah approved the levy (new tax for natural areas), which is about equal to the percentage voting against the fluoride measure in the City of Portland.  In Washington County, about 51% of voters voted No on the Metro levy, and in Clackamas County, 52% voted No on the Metro levy.

Could it be the more folks are surrounded by black top and concrete high rises (such as the City of Portland inner core), the more they vote others their longing for a more organic, environmental life?

If Metro were a more republic form of government, the levy would have failed.