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Oregon Liberty Summit
Saturday, June 6
Salem, Red LionSponsored by: FreedomWorks, Oregon Citizens For A Sound Economy PAC, Taxpayer Defense Fund, Taxpayers Association of Oregon, Cascade Policy Institute, Common Sense For Oregon, Contractors Association of Oregon, Oregon Patriots of, 9-12 Project- Salem, Campaign For Liberty, Concerned Oregonians

Guest Speakers:

Russ Walker- FreedomWorks, Taxpayer Defense Fund, Oregon Citizens For A Sound Economy, Northwest Director

Brendan Steinhauser- FreedomWorks, Manager Federal and State Campaigns

Max Pappas- FreedomWorks, VP Policy

Todd Wynn- Cascade Policy Institute, Program Director, Climate Change and Energy Policy

Christina Martin- Cascade Policy Institute, Director, Asset Ownership Program and Oregon Education Tax Credit Coalition

Gordon Fulks, Phd physics,

Chuck Weise, Meteorologist, climate science expert.

George Taylor, Former Oregon State Climatologist.

Rob Kremer- Oregon Education Coalition, Executive Director

Chuck Adams, Adams and Company, President

Tim Nashif, Founding Board Member, Oregon Family Council, Principle Gateway Communication

Michelle Knopp, Oregon Right to Life

Ted Abram, American Institute for Full Employment, President; State Policy Network, FreedomWorks Foundation, Board of Directors

Ross Day, Common Sense for Oregon, Executive Director

Kevin Mannix, Common Sense for Oregon, Oregon Crime Coalition, President

Craig Myers, Concerned Oregonians, President

Jason Williams, Taxpayer Association of Oregon, Executive Director

Tim Tricky, Campaign for Affordable and Reliable Energy, Oregon Director

Geoffrey Lundt, Oregon Tea Party, Oregon Director

Honorable Larry George, Oregon State Senator

Honorable Kim Thatcher, Oregon State Representative

Honorable Matt Wingard, Oregon State Representative

Honorable Linda Flores, Former Oregon State Representative

Honorable Ron Sunseri, Former Oregon State Representative