Rep. Dennis Richardson: 2013 Legislative Session a failure

Dennis Richardson

by Rep. Dennis Richardson (R-Central Point)

The 2013 Legislative Session has adjourned and I regret to report it was a failure.  Oregon’s elected leaders failed to pass legislation to provide economic opportunity and create an environment that would bring about good jobs for Oregon’s unemployed and underemployed citizens. They failed to fix the PERS Crisis. They failed to provide a forest management plan that will save insolvent counties and lessen the destruction of our forests by catastrophic fires. My blood boils when I think of how we just wasted six months of precious time and millions of taxpayers’ dollars on the 2013 Session.

In addition, Governor Kitzhaber’s Do-Nothing Educational Czar, Rudy Crew, will now collect his $284,000 paycheck and wave good-bye to Oregon after a year of nonsense. He leaves after failing to fix Oregon’s shameful drop-out rate where 1/3 of Oregon’s high school students fail to graduate with their classmates and many that do graduate are ill-prepared to compete in a global marketplace.

I’m done with sitting idly by, watching our elected officials serve as managers of burgeoning bureaucracies, instead of leading our state.

If you agree that it is time for “we the people” to get involved and reestablish a government “of the people, by the people and for the people,” watch my video and join me in creating a plan for Oregon’s future that cannot, that will not be ignored by our elected officials.

A Plan For Oregon’s Future

Let’s begin by contributing our ideas on what Oregon’s “Plan for the Future” should look like. Pick a topic of special interest to you. Click on it and share your ideas of what should be done to address it.

Let’s begin with the premise that virtually every ill, every economic, educational or natural resource problem confronting Oregon is being successfully solved somewhere.

Let’s research solutions, share them with each other and adapt the best ones for Oregon’s self-reliant, pioneering philosophy, personality and people. We can learn. We can be taught. We can change the course of Oregon’s future. Let’s begin today and let’s not stop until we have restored our state, corrected its course and renewed its reputation as a land of pioneers who love liberty, opportunity and prosperity.

Job & Economy. How can we reform  Oregon’s laws and restructure its agencies to be more inviting to job-creating inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and business owners? Like our own Phil Knight and Gert Boyle, we believe the next generation of great innovators already lives and works in Oregon. They just need the opportunity to succeed.

Education. How can we reform Oregon’s educational system and provide world-class academic opportunities for all Oregon students, regardless of where in our state they live, and how can we remove barriers that have hamstrung our teachers and prevented maximum student achievement in our schools?

Natural Resources. How can we reform Oregon’s natural resource policies to provide healthier forests, promote economic benefit for our workers and small business owners, while protecting our quality of life and the environment?

Other Issues. How can we address other Oregon issues that are impeding Oregon’s liberty, opportunity or prosperity?

We are “the people.” This is our state and its future is our responsibility. We cannot wait any longer for someone else to step up and develop a Plan for Oregon’s Future.

If not us, then who?  If not now, then when? Together we will make Oregon a better place to live, to work and to raise our families. Together we can create a brighter future for the state we love.  Together “we the people” will ensure that Oregon’s future is bright and Oregon’s best days are yet to come.

Let’s DO IT.

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  • Oregon NATIVE


  • GObill sizemore

    Oregon Native, do you have the foggiest concept of how the legislature works? When the people of Oregon put the Democrats in charge of the whole ball of wax, all someone in Rep. Richardson’s position can do as a member of the minority party is fight to the end and only hope to mitigate the damage the Ds will do. He did that.

  • FromTheSouth

    I think the point that Oregon Native is trying to make is “victim like” attitude that the representative is taking in the piece. I fully agree with you GObill that as a minority member the options are limited.
    He *can* choose to fight anything and prevent any progress…just what the honorable Representative did. With that in mind, he should then take pride in his accomplishment (or more accurately lack thereof.) Another way to do it could be to work WITH the opposition and try to pass the best bills you can given the situation. Remember, the people of the state chose a Democratic majority…that might be what we wanted.

  • Bob Clark

    State Senator Betsy Johnson (D) help bring balance against progressive government expansion this last session. I plan to send her a thank you card. She represents Tillamook County and surrounding parts. I am grateful to Representative Richards and his staff’s efforts here, and hope to help out. We could use some youthful representatives who would carry on after our political days fade, because liberating Oregon is going to be a generational if not multi generational task. And the cause never actually is completed but rather continual.

  • goingtoTexas

    Oregon is doomed – will never rise above the progressives – I say let it go – “you may all go to Hell, and I will go to Texas” (Davy Crockett)

  • Wash.Co.Independent

    If Rep. Richardson and his colleagues want to make progress on the issues he sets out here, then the Republican party needs to do one relatively simple, but by no means easy, thing.

    Jettison the anti abortion, anti gay equality, conservative Christian planks.

    Because the reality is, a lot of middle aged moderates, and the majority of young voter, have a very very very hard time voting for candidates who stand on those planks.

    Failure to make those changes dooms the Oregon Republican Party to an every dwindling share of registered voters.

    Like I said…simple, but not easy.

    • Relelationsary Times

      In other words, aberrant words and deeds don’t mean squat to progressives active in devilish deportment?

      • Wash.Co.Independent

        Well…those certainly are other words.

  • Myke

    A rather unfortunate affair, this state. I’m of the impression that the citizens get the the government that they deserve, recognized or not. In do time, it’ll change from the weight of its own failure to function.

    • conservatively speaking

      Not constitutional… yet DEMographically speaking so might it appear; libertarian talk show host Neal Boortz suggested to attain any kind of Fiscal Responsibility in government…taxpayers only’ voting…might such be given a whit of a chance.

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