Suzanne Gallagher steps down as ORP Chair

Suzanne Gallagher_thb

by NW Spotlight

The Oregonian is reporting that Suzanne Gallagher has resigned as Oregon Republican Party (ORP) Chair. Suzanne was elected six months ago – on February 2 of this year. She replaced Allen Alley, who made the decision not to seek a second term.

ORP delegates are meeting in Bend this weekend for a platform convention and state central committee meeting.

The Oregonian also reported that there would likely be a vote to replace Suzanne in Bend this weekend. Sources at the convention in Bend, however, say that a vote to replace Suzanne will be suspended until a state central committee meeting in November and that current Vice Chair Bill Currier will serve as interim Chair until then.

UPDATE (8/10 7:40 PM): The vote to replace Suzanne Gallagher was held today and Art Robinson is now the new ORP Chair.