Left’s hypocrisy: guns, gays and wedding cakes

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by Dustin Hurst | Watchdog.org

When is it perfectly acceptable for a business to deny service to potential customers based on moral grounds?

Answer: It just might depend on who’s running your city or state.

Earlier this month, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn announced the start of a campaign that would encourage local businesses to sign up to go gun-free. The city does not require businesses to join the program, but interested companies can place a gun-free sticker in their front windows, a message that gun-carriers just aren’t welcome.

“Businesses have the right to establish condition of entry, including prohibiting guns,” the sticker reads.

It’s much like the dress-code requirement convenience stores post on entry doors: No shirt, no shoes, no service.

“We are here to support businesses that do not wish to have guns on their premises,” McGinn said Aug. 19.

DENY ENTRY: Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn wants businesses to deny entry to those who carry guns.

In summary, businesses that morally object to guns have the right to deny service to carriers? Got it.

Except, that’s not always the case.

Drop one state to the south and the left’s hypocrisy on rights and moral objections reveals itself.

The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries announced just two weeks ago it was launching an investigation into Sweet Cakes by Melissa, a Gresham bakery that refused to prepare a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.

The bakery’s owner, Melissa Klein, said she turned away the couple on moral and religious grounds.

“It’s definitely not discrimination at all. We don’t have anything against lesbians or homosexuals,” she told Oregon Live. “It has to do with our morals and beliefs.”

Unfortunately for Klein, she doesn’t have a city official or other bureaucrats encouraging her to stand by her values. In fact, Oregon has a law, passed in 2007 by a Democrat-controlled Assembly, that prevents businesses from turning away customers based on several factors, including sexual orientation.

Standing by her principles could cost Klein: Under the 2007 law, if the state department finds merit in the case, a judge could force the bakery to pay civil damages.

Dave Rowland, a policy analyst at the Seattle-based Freedom Foundation, told Watchdog.org on Friday the contradiction exists among the left, and forcing businesses to accept customers comes close to the ideas of “forced labor” and “involuntary servitude.”

“Why should they be required to provide those services?” Rowland asked.

Rowland’s intellectually honest on the issue, admitting that he’d have a problem with an ordinance forcing owners to allow customers to carry guns in businesses.

The American Family Association rushed to the bakery’s aid, arguing the company is protected under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

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  • JackLordGod

    I know the left and generally know their arguments before they do so I will play devils advocate and say what the left would likely counter this argument with.

    First, it is never good policy to argue by analogy. Second, never argue by analogy with the left because unless the two things are exact in every detail, down to what color socks someone is wearing, the left will never accept it.

    That’s what we have here. The two situations are no analogous because one is a constitutional right the other is a sexual orientation. Exercising the first is a conscious choice whereas the second is an immutable part of ones makeup.

    Therefore the two are different, thus the analogy fails. That’s what the left will argue.

    Of course this is nonsense. Two things being having some differences does not defeat an analogy. That is why an analogy is drawn, to show similarities between non identical situations.

    Regardless – No where in our legal concepts does that fact that something is an immutable aspect of a person establish it as having supremacy over a constitutional right.

    The point is somewhat moot in this instance. The bakery in Gresham has closed. It is pretty sad that what really boils down a first world pissing match has lead to the close of a business. Who in the world has time to sue bakery’s over cake infractions? I dont know specifically what was to be said on the cake – but how the hell does taking a cake decorating bag and writing something violate your relationship with Jesus? Do you really think Jesus is watching what you write on cakes? Apparently these women had been in the bakery before and bought plenty of stuff. The proprietor knew they were lesbians prior to the event. You really think God is down with selling pastry to lesbians but if you write “Happy Rug Munching” on the top of the cake then he has a problem? Get real.

    And who the hell are the people who had time to investigate this case? You know if two people come into the police precinct yammering that someone wouldn’t write what they wanted on a cake, Id hand them a lollipop and tell them to get the hell out. We have murderers and rapists patiently waiting their turn. We have time to deal with confectionery infractions? I don’t think so.

    So Sweet Cakes closed up shop. That’s sad. I am sure they will re-open somewhere in a month or so. The only tragedy here is the money it will cost them.

    In a perfect world I would hope that everyone would be able to get any kind of cake they want, wherever they want. These two women were making a stand for that kind of bakery freedom. Gandhi had nothing on them. I suggest tearing down all the Rosa Parks crap and naming a town square for these two heroines.

    • Sal Enriquez

      Calling “them” the left is being kind, hypocrisy doesn’t quite fit.
      All of the words we normally use for “evil” like nazi, taliban, al-tqaeda. fits better for these people. All of their actions and speech goes against every normal decent “Christian” thing that most of us believe in.Even if you are not a Christian. After all this nation was built on Christian values despite the muslim in chiefs words. It always seems to be the opposite of decent doesn’t it. We need to stand up against evil and push them back to the middle east where they can fight and kill themselves not us.

      • 3H

        Quite a few of the values this nation were founded on… where from ancient Rome and Greece. Pagan Rome and Greece. The concept of Democracy is Greek and origin, and many of the city-states in Greece were republics, as was Rome. Our system of laws, and the very language that is used, is Latin – again from Rome. Trial by jury — Greek.

        In fact, George Washington claimed: “… As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion… “

      • JackLordGod

        You know, whenever someone goes on about Christian values I tend to think either they think “Christian values” is a euphemism for “my values” or they are not very familiar with Christianity.

        In the sense that modern people know Christianity, this country was not founded on it. This country was founded on moral values, which descended from religious people, most of which were Christian. That might sound like splitting hairs but it is not.

        Example – One of the biggest issues of the founding was slavery. Many opposed it based largely on Christian religious values. Would most people have the slightest correspondence with those values?

        No, because most of those Christians were either Quaker or had beliefs that were quite similar. Do you have a red car? Have you ever high fived in a sports bar? Were you on a sports team? Did you get grades in school? If you answered yes to any of these then you fail the Christian values test by those standards.

        Please don’t go on about Christian values as if modern Christian values have any parity with such values of three centuries ago. They don’t.

        That does not mean that the values of that time were not meaningful. They were, and I try to live them to the best of my ability. Even though I am not a Christian I was raised in the faith. I would regard a red car as possibly sinful, a red car parked at a sports bar while you high five as definitely sinful. Add a wing on the back and you are going straight to hell.

  • Bob Clark

    Maybe a Seattle business could put the “Gun Free” sticker up, but also say to gun carriers if you have a problem with denial of service: Please visit the Mayor’s office to express your concern. Or, could say “Gun Free” wink, wink. Or, maybe the cake maker can move to Seattle and specialize in making cakes for gun owners only.

  • Granola girl

    Kinda a mute point now, the bakery went out of business last week. Guess the lefties got their wish…

    • Twang

      What’s left of US got their sway. Eating their cake and circus is their only way to progress…into the depths of well….what’s coming next.

      • Twang

        Hey down-voter person, for what’s left of US, their way is the only way an’ if you don’t agree you’re as soliloquy minded as any North Korean King Kong Shrill theology, knucklehead.

    • .

      they sure as 666 did

  • Myke

    Why does it have to be Christian values? Your right to your values shouldn’t trump my right to my values, regardless of the source of those values. Unless someone is working for the state, the state shouldn’t have any say whom I choose to work for. That’s why they call it ‘private business’.