How would YOU vote on Obama’s request to congress?

17-soldier20voteTU.serendipityThumbOpen thread question:  Oregon Congressional delegation will soon have to give a yes/no vote on Obama’s expected request for authorization for military intervention in Syria. It will likely be a request for limited involvement. The topic has split conservatives, defense hawks, libertarians and non-interventionists. Congress may be voting on this in the next few days.

If you were in Congress how you would vote?   Yes or No?  Why?

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    Cannot fathom BHO applying a slap on the Islamic Brotherhood farces throughout the Middle East, in efficacy…he’s really one of them.

    Next step, a token in perverse from this oxymoron hymnals token from a satanic verses playbook and scored by Jeremiah Wright. Right?.

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      BHO’s dangles over a meat yard waxing his mead induced principalitease.

      RX, take his tankard and shove it up his morasas and then be dung with it!!

  • Marc Heatherington

    Imagine if McCain had won the last election. Would a Senator Obama be voting for a strike on Syria? Absolutely not.

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      President Romney, likewise.

      Then there’s 2016 wannabe’s like Hitlary Clinton and Jaundiced Kerry, say what?

  • Granola girl

    Absolutely not! Number one, this is NOT our war. Number 2, there is no hard proof that Assad ordered the gassing, for all we know the brotherhood set him up. Number 3, this has larger ramifications then we all know…..could be the start of WW3. We need to mind our own borders, and let Alah sort it out!

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      There’s alah plenty of dung out there girl. Let’s hope and or depose the antichrist in person or his emissary, BHO, to take a hike into the theological place of eternal punishment to die dee die die, sooner than belater.

  • Ballistic45

    ** NO ** — We have no business striking Syria, it is their war having NOTHING to do with us.. ANY strike we make will do little to effect the eventual outcome of warring factions of Islam.. With Al Quada slipping into the country to supposedly help the revolting populous, we know if they win their struggle it will then be another fight to keep Al Quada from taking control of the country… When they turn their rage toward us then we have reason to strike….

  • don

    NO we got to meny problems here

  • JackLordGod

    Absolutely everything this administration has done in the Mid East has resulted in a worse situation than before their involvement. We have Libya in virtual anarchy. We have the Egypt debacle. We have casualties in Afghanistan on Obama’s day greater then Bush’s worst day etc.

    Given all of that, I would propose we follow the George Castanza strategy from Seinfeld. Whatever Obama proposes, do the exact opposite and we should be ok.

  • Myke

    Truly, what would be the harm to NOT bomb Syria? What would happen if we waited for REAL proof? I vote “NO!”

  • Leathermouth

    Don’t wait for proof – just do the opposite of whatever BO wants. I vote NO!

  • My2Bits

    Why do I get the feeling that when Pres. Obama made his “don’t cross this red line” speech, he had no plan to follow up the hand waving and tough talk. And now that the red line has been crossed, he looks like a deer frozen in the headlights… “oops, I didn’t think they would actually do it. now what do we do?”

  • Schaer

    dems aren’t capable of running a responsible war

    • 3H

      “responsible war”? Is there such a thing?

  • IhateLiberals

    We have no business being involved in Syria. I vote no and I bet that’s just what Congress will also tell Obama in a few days.

  • HBguy

    It appears that a lot of Republicans have had a real “Road to Damascus” conversion. Literally…

    If this isn’t proof that the Republicans have simply adopted the Bizarro world of politics – whatever O’Bama is for, they’re for the opposite – then I don’t know what does.

    While I appreciate the consistency of Sen. Paul and the Libertarian part of the Republican party, there is no reasonable explanation for the Neo con’s recently discovered pacificism.

    • 3H

      LOL.. except that Obama is for it.. Remember all the derisive talk from conservatives about liberals and Bush Derangement Syndrome? Well, evidently it has infected much of the Republican party and conservatives. To the point that now they won’t even pretend to have some thoughtful arguments against Obama’s policies. “Obama if for it? I’m against it!” They’ve completely given up even making an effort to be rational.

      On the plus side, the more they wave their hands in the air and froth at the mouth, the more likely they are to be viewed as a dangerous but entertaining side-show by voters.

      Keep it up Republicans and conservatives! It’ll be a long time before you elect someone to the White House.

  • Selah

    Hey, ain’t Assad is a gas? For sure, he deserves a shot of sarin up his knows.
    And for the the Muslim Brotherhood , a banglador torpedo detonated up their morass.

    Bottom line: Condemn both to blow each others guts out and let the carcasses be strung out alongside the Heinous sAppian way to Armageddon.