Oregon Senate Republicans ready to pass stand-alone PERS reforms in a special session


Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day)

Republicans have relentlessly pushed for greater PERS reforms that add back teachers and reduce class sizes in schools throughout Oregon. We are ready to pass stand-alone PERS reforms in a special session on September 30th because we believe it is the right thing to do. The arguments for greater reforms are clear and compelling on their own, without complicating the issue.

If Democrats insist on turning PERS into a complex political negotiation, we are willing to talk about their proposals, as long as their revenue increases include tax cuts and certainty for small businesses. We have continued to communicate with the Governor our interest in finding a way to make further PERS reforms and our willingness to work with Democrats to make that a reality.

We strongly believe that it is possible to take another step towards reforming a broken PERS system in the next few weeks.

  • The Bill Post Radio Show

    No, No, No! Do NOT acquiesce to Gov. Kitz. There are NO deals to be made. Wait until after the November 2012 elections and then look into this. There will be NO deals made with the Democrat leadership and if you think there will be, you are deluded and deserve what you get.

    • 3H

      Of course not.. why govern when you can obstruct?

      • The Bill Post Radio Show

        That’s not obstruction, that’s called stopping stupidity. Thanks for proving me right.

        • 3H

          Really? How so does that prove you right? Do you assume that everyone who disagree with you is stupid? Or should be subject to insults? What do you think that says about your character?

          • .

            Out out Dem’d blot. Yeah, that’s you 3H!

          • .

            You 3H – and, your blithering left wing crony’s like DavidAppell, eat all, are exemplary proof progressive your heady embodiments ought be donated to trebuchet science for research as to how far a cantaloupe can be launched from Gitmo ‘doff’ toward Havana.

        • 3H

          That’s what I thought.

    • thevillageidiot

      lets start with removing all elected officials from PERS and make it retro active. The taxpayer do not have a contract with the elected legislators to provide them with a retirement income. This would be a start. When they no longer have a vested interest perhaps there may be real changes. If nothing else elected officials will no longer be leaching from an already anemic PERS. or increase taxes until the PERS is fully funded and watch the taxpayers revolt.

  • oregongrown

    I am so sick of Gov Kitz. He has done nothing to fix PERS and he could’ve decades ago. I am sick to death of hearing “it’s for the children” when it’s not. I am sick to death of the teachers union which has voted against every single PERS reform.

    The businesses that would hire the private sector worker have been hammered in this recession that is ongoing, and all during this recession the govt sector has given themselves raises every single year, and the teachers have been the worst. PPS not only giving across the board raises to everyone but INVENTING A BRAND NEW, HIGHEST EVER PAY SCALE FOR THE ALREADY HIGHEST PAID TEACHERS . It is gluttony and a complete affront to the private sector that pays for them. And look at their results. Everyone gets a raise not matter their performance.

    The K-12 schools should not get any more money. They’ve already received a BILLION more this budget and that went into the big black hole that is PERS. They have fat pensions that are busting every single budget. They have time off and benefits that we can only dream of in the private sector. They have job security based on seniority rules that have nothing to do with performance.

    Until someone addresses PERS, there is no fix that will ever work.

    And in the meantime, I am so sick of our politicians. Kitz should be indicted for his role in PERS, He was governor 1995-2003, and in the Oregon senate 12 years before that. His hands are all over the mess that is PERS.

    And the last thing businesses in Oregon needs is higher taxes. Oregon already has the NUMBER 1 HIGHEST INCOME TAX IN THE COUNTRY. And our average income in 9% below the national average.

  • Bob Clark

    I hope the GOP Oregon legislators will come to their senses along with a few Dems to stop Oregon state government from continuing to pursue the Columbia River Crossing Project (CRC), especially seeing how Oregon will now be on the hook to pay some $90 million to three businesses to relocate their plants with some of these businesses currently located on the Washington side of the River. Who are the Oregon businesses who continue to push for this stupid project? We need a third bridge across the Columbia, bypassing the core center of the City of Portland. The CRC is largely ineffective in increasing transport capacity, with the cost in the billions with tolls so high some businesses and Oregon citizens may relocate to just avoid the tolls.
    Many City of Portlanders, especially in North Portland, do not even want this stupid project.
    But Willamette Week has already spelled out effectively, over and over again, the case against the CRC; but the Governor’s office is so bull headed and driven by crony captalism, there’s no end to his non-sense.
    Any GOP legislator voting this project should be targeted for replacement in the GOP primary. This is an opportunity for Representative Richardson, running for Governor, to stand by and tout sticking to the original principles of Washington state contributing its share to this project. This means he should vote NO on any Go-it-Alone-Oregon project.

  • wnd

    Dear OC, You currently ‘clear’ window panes to commentary ID ‘up-voter’ tags, yet cloud who’s down-voting the comments.

    If I may, for the slake of clarity WHY IS THAT, please?

    Too, The Oregonian and the journalistic jolly roche’ Pamplin shlock late’ers have undergone an under-the-tableau transformation to relatively hi-jack ass well.

    Really, in the name of transparency, real or faux enterprise, what’s going on here?

    Seriously, must we rely on Willamette Week to get the whole muse?

    Riled Bill,
    No so far out in 97267

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