Rep. Greg Walden: I OPPOSE military action in Syria

Rep Greg Walden_thb

by Rep. Greg Walden

When the United States decides to intervene militarily in the affairs of another country, two thresholds must be met: establishing a threat to our own security, and setting a clear goal or definition of victory to be achieved.

After listening carefully yesterday afternoon to the Administration’s case for military action in Syria, I don’t believe either threshold has been met, and as such I OPPOSE military action there.

Whether one agrees with the President or not, when this nation’s leader comes before Congress and asks for authority to use military force, it must be deliberated carefully.

I agree that what is happening in Syria is a tragedy, and that the Assad regime must continue to be pressured by the international community through sanctions and diplomatic means.

But I am incredibly disappointed by the way in which the situation has been handled thus far by the Administration. President Obama has made us look weak on the world stage by drawing and backing away from a “red line.”

At this time, I believe our use of military force would make the situation worse, and not better.

Please take a minute to watch this short video below about my decision to oppose military force: