Text of radio ad blasting Governor over referendum delay

Here is the text of the radio ad put out by the Oregon Republican Party attacking Governor Kulongoski for delaying the signing of the tax bills as to prevent voters from referring it.

“Sign the bills Governor and give the people their rights.This is Oregon not Honduras. First the Democrats raise your taxes by $2 billion dollars, and now the governor is trying to prevent you from voting on two of the most important tax bills passed by the 2009 Oregon Legislature, the job-killing income and business tax increases. The Oregon constitution guarantees the people the right to collect signatures and refer bills passed by the Legislature especially these bills like job killing tax increases that will hurt all Oregonians. However the governor is intentionally delaying the signature collection process by not signing the bills, making it very difficult to collect the necessary signatures in the required 90 day period. Call the governor now 503-378-3111, and say Governor stop trying to take away our right to vote, sign the bills and let the people vote.”